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Texas House Panel Hears Testimony on Bill Regarding End-of-Life Care for Pregnant Women
The Texas House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday heard testimony on legislation (HB 3183) that would clarify state law on end-of-life care for pregnant women, the Kaiser Health News/Texas Tribune reports.

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Colo. Senate Leader Introduces 'Fetal Homicide' Measure
Colorado Senate President Bill Cadman (R) on Tuesday introduced a bill (SB 15-268) that would allow prosecutors to bring murder charges against an individual who ends a woman's pregnancy, the Washington Post's "GovBeat" reports.

Tennessee Senate Approves Two Antiabortion-Rights Measures
The Tennessee Senate on Wednesday passed a measure (SB 1280) that would require abortion clinics to certify as ambulatory surgical centers and another bill (SB 1222) that would impose a mandatory delay before an abortion and require the physician to give in-person counseling, the Tennessean reports.

Ore. Comprehensive Women's Health Bill Misses Legislative Deadline, Dead for This Session
A bill (SB 894) aimed at closing gaps in reproductive health coverage for Oregon women is effectively dead in the state Legislature, the Salem Statesman Journal reports.

Texas House Panel Hears Testimony on Proposed Changes to Judicial Bypass for Minors Seeking Abortion
A Texas House committee on Tuesday heard testimony on a measure (HB 723) that would tighten a state law that allows pregnant minors to obtain a court's permission to have an abortion instead of obtaining parental consent for the procedure, AP/KVIA reports.