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Experts Say N.D. Personhood Measure Could Have Drastic Effects on Health Care Services
A "personhood" amendment (Measure 1) on the North Dakota ballot next month could have a widespread impact on health care services in the state, Modern Healthcare reports.

Calif. Law Helps Expand Abortion Access, Destigmatize Procedure
Contrary to many state legislatures across the country, California is moving to expand abortion access, not restrict it, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Wash. Senators' 'Winning Legal Argument' Could Trump Hobby Lobby Ruling, Editorial States
A group of state senators in Washington plans to introduce a bill in the 2015 legislative session that would "overturn the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision in the state," which they hope will "prevent discrimination against women by employers who refuse to offer contraceptive coverage in their health-care plans," an editorial in the Olympian states.

Two Alabama Abortion Clinics Reopen; Lawsuit Will Determine Future Access
Two Alabama abortion clinics have reopened after closing earlier this year, but a lawsuit in federal court will determine whether one of them, as well as two others, will have to close, the AP/UT-San Diego reports.

Judge Refuses To Block Okla. Medication Abortion Restrictions
An Oklahoma County District Court judge on Wednesday refused to block a state law (HB 2684) that restricts medication abortion from taking effect Nov. 1, but he did grant a temporary injunction against the measure's enforcement mechanism for physicians, the Oklahoman reports.

NYT's Collins: Midterm Election Candidates Cast Issues in 'New, Woman-Centric Way'
"No group is more courted" than women in the upcoming midterm election, with candidates in both parties "re-interpreting their old arguments in a new, woman-centric way," New York Times columnist Gail Collins writes.