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National Partnership for Women & Families

It’s time to get politics out of the exam room.

Laws that interfere with medical care and compromise women’s health and safety are bad medicine.   Enough is Enough!

Abortion restrictions:

In 2013, states enacted the

second highest number of

abortion restrictions ever1.

Say Enough is Enough:

Forced procedures:

Ten states require ultrasounds

for women seeking abortion

services, even when doctors

say there’s no need2.

Say Enough is Enough:

Mandatory misinformation:

In 19 states, doctors are forced

to give women medically

inaccurate information about


Say Enough is Enough:

Delaying critical care:

Utah and South Dakota make

you wait 72 hours and take

two trips to the clinic before

obtaining an abortion4.

Say Enough is Enough:

Ignoring evidence:

Two states prohibit up-to-date,

evidence-based care when it

comes to medication abortion5.

Say Enough is Enough: