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Supreme Court Halts Parts of Texas Antiabortion-Rights Law, Allowing Clinics To Resume Services
The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a stay on parts of a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), allowing more than a dozen abortion facilities in the state to reopen while court challenges continue, the Washington Post reports.

Report Card: Many States Fail To Meet Women's Health Needs, Disparities Persist
Massachusetts ranks as the best state in the U.S. for meeting women's health needs, while Mississippi is the worst state, according to the Alliance for a Just Society's 2014 Women's Health Report Card, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Untested Rape Kits Represent 'Colossal Law Enforcement Failure,' NYT Editorial Argues
Each one of the thousands of untested rape kits in the U.S. "represents a botched chance to solve a case and identify other crimes perpetrated by an assailant," a New York Times editorial states.

Report: Medicaid Expansion Tied To Lower Costs for States
States that did not expand their Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act (PL 111-148) will increase state Medicaid spending this year by 2.4 percentage points more than expansion states, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis, CQ HealthBeat reports.

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NPR Interview Discusses Development of Birth Control Pill
NPR's "Shots" discusses an interview "Fresh Air's" Terry Gross conducted with Jonathan Eig, author of "The Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution."

States Continue To Limit Abortion Access, Despite Public Support for Abortion Rights
Although a majority of U.S. residents still support abortion rights, states across the country over the past four years have succeeded in enacting legislation that could drastically diminish abortion access for millions of women if allowed to stand, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Research Review Suggests Epidurals Should Be Administered When Women Choose
Pregnant women who choose to receive pain relief via an epidural during labor and delivery should be able to decide when the epidural is administered, according to a formal research review recently published by the Cochrane Library, Reuters reports.

NYT Weighs In on State Antiabortion-Rights Ballot Measures
Voters in three states next month will consider "ballot measures aimed at ending or severely limiting abortion rights," a New York Times editorial states, referencing referendums in Colorado, North Dakota and Tennessee.

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