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Texas Abortion Providers Ask Full Appeals Court To Review Ruling
A coalition of Texas abortion providers on Thursday asked the full 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review a three-judge panel's decision to uphold two antiabortion-rights provisions in a state law (HB 2), the Texas Tribune reports.

New GOP Program Aims To Fight 'War on Women' Reputation
Republicans are trying to counter the "war on women" rhetoric that has been effective for Democrats by recruiting an "army of young female volunteers" to help them campaign, the Washington Post reports.

Many Hospitals Do Not Allow VBACs, Despite Guidelines
Despite the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' 2010 guidelines stating that vaginal births after cesarean sections are generally safe, many hospitals still do not offer them because of fears of complications, the New York Times reports.

'Counterproductive' Tenn. Bill Bad for Women, Families, NYT Editorial Argues
A bill (SB 1391) recently approved by Tennessee's Legislature would give the state "the dubious distinction of being the first state to specifically authorize the filing of assault charges, carrying up to 15 years in prison, when a fetus or newborn is deemed to be harmed by illegal narcotics," a New York Times editorial states.

Blogs Comment on 'Things Your Ob-Gyn Won't Tell You,' Criminalizing Pregnancy, More
We've compiled some of the most thought-provoking commentaries from around the Web. Catch up on the conversation with bloggers from the Huffington Post, Care2 and more.

Government Responds to Catholic Contraceptive Coverage Case; ACLU Asks To Submit Brief
In court filings last week, attorneys for the federal government outlined several arguments against a request from a group of Catholic organizations in Wyoming for an injunction to block the federal contraceptive coverage rules, the AP/Kansas City Star reports.

Federal Judge Overturns N.D. 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban
A federal judge on Wednesday struck down a North Dakota law (HB 1456) that banned abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, the AP/Washington Post reports.

NYT Op-Ed Explores Endurance of Abortion as Political Issue
The "political staying power" of abortion rights is rooted in the fundamental difference between opponents who view it as "an issue of life and death" and "pro-choice women," for whom abortion "is a question of personal autonomy and bodily integrity," New York Times op-ed contributor Thomas Edsall writes.

Supreme Court To Weigh Dispute Over Antiabortion-Rights Group's Campaign Ad
The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear oral arguments over an antiabortion-rights group's challenge to an Ohio law that prohibits false statements about political candidates in campaign ads, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Ark. Appeals Ruling That Struck Down 12-Week Abortion Ban
Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (D) announced Friday that he will appeal to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals a ruling that overturned a state law (Act 301) banning abortion as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy, Reuters/Chicago Tribune reports.