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Family Physicians' Group Officially Opposes 'Nonevidence-Based Restrictions' on Women's Health Care
The American Academy of Family Physicians last week adopted a resolution that "supports a woman's access to reproductive health services and opposes nonevidence-based restrictions on medical care and on the provision of abortion services," Medscape reports.

3-D Breast Cancer Screenings Cost-Effective for Some Women, Study Finds
A combination of a conventional digital mammogram and 3D screening might result in long-term cost savings for women with dense breasts, according to a recent study published in Radiology, Time reports.

Study Suggests Hospital Practices Affect C-Section Rates More Than Patients' Risk Factors
Variation in cesarean section rates among hospitals might have more to do with hospital culture and policies than factors related to patient risk, according to a study published last week in PLOS Medicine, FierceHealthcare reports.

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Analysis: Travel, Gas Costs Quickly Add Up for Texas Women Seeking Abortions
Texas' "sheer size" means that women in some parts of the state would have to pay more than $100 for gas to reach the nearest abortion clinic if certain provisions of a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) take effect statewide, according to an analysis, The Atlantic reports.

Calif. Law Helps Expand Abortion Access, Destigmatize Procedure
Contrary to many state legislatures across the country, California is moving to expand abortion access, not restrict it, the Los Angeles Times reports.

UPS Changes Workplace Policy Amid Supreme Court Pregnancy Discrimination Case
UPS in a Supreme Court brief announced that, effective Jan. 1, it will change its workplace policy to allow pregnant employees to work temporary light-duty assignments, the Washington Post's "She The People" reports.

Experts Say N.D. Personhood Measure Could Have Drastic Effects on Health Care Services
A "personhood" amendment (Measure 1) on the North Dakota ballot next month could have a widespread impact on health care services in the state, Modern Healthcare reports.

Antiabortion-Rights Ballot Measure at 'Center Stage' in Tenn. Election
A ballot initiative (Amendment 1) that would declare that there is no guaranteed right to abortion "has taken center stage" in this year's election in Tennessee, the New York Times reports.

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