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Mandatory Delays Treat Women as 'Incapable of Making Decisions' About Abortion, Op-Ed Argues
When the Missouri Legislature overrode Gov. Jay Nixon's (D) veto of a bill (HR 1307) that mandates a 72-hour delay before a woman can obtain an abortion, it was "a particularly good illustration of how needless abortion regulations treat women as second-class citizens who are incapable of making decisions for themselves," Scott Lemieux, a political science professor at the College of Saint Rose, writes in an opinion piece in The Week.

Lawmakers, Groups File Briefs in Support of Woman in Supreme Court Pregnancy Discrimination Case
Dozens of Democratic members of Congress, advocacy groups, business leaders and a bipartisan coalition of state legislators have filed friend-of-the-court briefs urging the Supreme Court to side with a former UPS driver in her pregnancy discrimination case, the Washington Post reports.

Obama, Biden To Announce White House Campaign Against Campus Sexual Assaults
President Obama and Vice President Biden on Friday will announce a White House campaign to promote awareness of sexual assault on college campuses throughout the country, the AP/U-T San Diego reports.

'Undue Burden' Standard for Abortion Rights Threatened, New Yorker's Toobin Argues
The words "undue burden" should be considered "the most important triumph" of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's tenure, but judges' comments in a key Texas case suggest that this longstanding standard for abortion-rights cases is threatened, Jeffrey Toobin writes in the New Yorker.

Blogs Comment on Patient Trust Act, Supreme Court Pregnancy Discrimination Case, More
Read the week's best commentaries from bloggers at the Huffington Post, RH Reality Check and more.

Lending Discrimination During Pregnancy, Maternity Leave Draws Federal Investigations
Lending discrimination during pregnancy or maternity leave is "producing a steady flow of complaints" to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to a HUD official, the Washington Post's "Federal Eye" reports.

Few Pediatricians Offer Routine Sexual Health Services for Teens
Research suggests that many pediatricians avoid talking to teenagers about sex and fail to routinely offer sexual health-related services, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Voters in Three States To Weigh Abortion Restrictions in November
Voters in Colorado, North Dakota and Tennessee this November will consider whether to approve or reject initiatives that could restrict abortion rights in their respective states, Mother Jones reports.

Planned Parenthood Launches Video Service for Contraceptive Consultations
Planned Parenthood recently launched an online service that allows Minnesota and Washington residents to receive contraceptives after a video appointment with a health care provider, the Huffington Post reports.

Attorneys Spar in Court Over Texas Clinic Closures; Op-Ed Cites Impact on 'Real People'
A federal appeals court panel on Friday heard arguments over whether Texas should be allowed to enforce a provision that likely would leave the state with no abortion facilities outside of four major metropolitan regions, the New York Times reports.