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Video Round Up: Texas Rep. Decries Hypocrisy of Abortion Restrictions, Comedian Satirizes Antiabortion-Rights Lawmakers
In today's clips, Texas Rep. Jessica Farrar (D) points out the hypocrisy of antiabortion-rights lawmakers opposing legislation to support breastfeeding women and families. Elsewhere, SNL's Cecily Strong calls out antiabortion-rights lawmakers at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Fla. Senate Sends 24-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill to Governor
The Florida Senate on Friday voted 26-13 to approve a bill (HB 633) that would impose at least a 24-hour mandatory delay before a woman can obtain an abortion, Reuters reports.

Tenn. Abortion Providers Say Antiabortion-Rights Bills Would Burden Women, Clinics
Tennessee abortion providers say that two antiabortion-rights measures before Gov. Bill Haslam (R) could create additional burdens for women and the clinics, including added costs and logistical challenges, the Tennessean reports.

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Advocates: Funding Restrictions on Women's Health Providers in Texas Budget Proposals Would Endanger Access
Women's health advocates warn that a Texas state budget proposal intended to prioritize funding for a women's cancer screening program for groups that do not provide abortion services could reduce women's access to health care, CQ News reports.

Abortion-Rights Opponents Target Roe Protections with Fetal Homicide, Criminalizing Pregnancy Laws
Abortion-rights opponents are pursuing legislation that grants legal rights to fetuses as part of "a much broader national campaign ... to overturn Roe v. Wade," Rolling Stone reports.

Miss. Clinic Files Brief Urging SCOTUS To Dismiss State's Defense of Admitting Privileges Law
Attorneys representing Mississippi's sole abortion clinic in a brief filed Wednesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss the state's case in defense of an admitting privileges law (HB 1390), MSNBC reports.

Editorial: Maine Lawmakers Should Drop Antiabortion-Rights Bill, Support 'Proactive' Women's Health Bill
Maine lawmakers should drop a disputed abortion clinic regulations bill (LD 1312) and instead pursue a "proactive measur[e] [LD 319] to protect women's health," according to a Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel editorial.

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Reports: Some Insurers Not Complying With ACA Coverage Requirements for Women's Health Benefits
Not all insurers are meeting the Affordable Care Act's (PL 111-148) requirement that plans provide a range of preventive services at no cost, with some insurers not covering or requiring cost-sharing for several women's health benefits, according to new studies from the National Women's Law Center, Kaiser Health News reports.