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Senate Republicans Block Bill To Upend Hobby Lobby Ruling
Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a bill that aimed to reverse the Supreme Court's ruling in the Hobby Lobby contraceptive coverage case, Politico reports.

Senate Considers Abortion-Rights Bill as New Report Spotlights Nationwide Impact of State Laws
A Senate hearing on Tuesday spotlighted how state laws interfere with women's reproductive rights as lawmakers review a bill (S 1696, HR 3471) designed to block laws that hinder abortion rights, CQ Roll Call reports.

Employers Reminded of Pregnancy Non-Discrimination Laws as Complaints Rise
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Monday released new enforcement guidelines reminding employers that they are prohibited from discriminating against workers based on past, future or current pregnancies, the New York Times' "Business Day" reports.

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FDA Advisory Panel Says Cancer Risk From Surgery Device Cannot Be Minimized
An FDA advisory panel on Friday said that there are no proven ways to use a common technique for hysterectomies and fibroid removal without risking the spread of malignant cancers to other parts of the body, the AP/Modern Healthcare reports.

Study: Sutures Tied to Fewer Complications for Closing C-Sections
Women who have their cesarean section incision closed with sutures have a 57% lower risk of experiencing complications than those whose wounds are closed with staples, according to a study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, the New York Times' "Well" reports.

Mass. Senate Acts Quickly To Protect Abortion Clinics Before Session Ends
The Massachusetts Senate on Wednesday approved a bill (S 2281) that aims to strengthen security around reproductive health centers after the Supreme Court struck down a state "buffer zone" law that barred protests within 35 feet of clinic entrances, the Boston Globe reports.

Judge Blocks Alaska Law on Medicaid Abortion Coverage
An Alaska judge blocked a state law restricting abortion coverage in its Medicaid program from taking effect on Wednesday while he considers a Planned Parenthood lawsuit claiming that the legislation is unconstitutional, Alaska Public Media reports.

New Injectable Contraceptive Debuts in Four African Countries
Last week, a new form of an injectable contraceptive was introduced to women in Burkina Faso, one of four African countries where it will be available, the New York Times reports.

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