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Lame Duck is 'Perfect Opportunity' for 'Commonsense Progress for Women,' Op-Ed States

Wis. Family Planning Providers Say State Audits Appear Politically Motivated, Place Clinics at Risk

FDA Calls for 'Black Box' Warning on Hysterectomy Device Over Cancer Concerns

Attempt at County-Level Admitting Privileges Law Rejected in Ind.

Women's Health Policy Report Will Not Publish on Nov. 27, 28

Priests Group Plans Supreme Court Appeal Over Contraceptive Coverage Rules

Abortion-Rights Opponents Push Bill To Close Sole North Ala. Clinic

Bill Overhauling Campus Sexual Assault Rules Unlikely To See Action in Lame Duck Session

Studies: Violence Against Women, Girls a Worldwide 'Problem of Epidemic Proportions'

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Ohio Grants Sole Cincinnati Clinic Exemption Under Antiabortion-Rights Law

CMS Releases Draft Guidance To Clarify ACA Abortion Coverage Rules for Insurers

Wash. Defends Emergency Contraception Stocking Rules in Long-Running Lawsuit

Appeals Court Maintains Block on Miss. Admitting Privileges Law

Ohio Lawmakers Advance 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban

'Abortion Speak-Out' Challenges 'Hierarchy of Good and Bad Abortions'

Texas Commission Calls for More Changes to Women's Health Programs

Blogs Comment on 'Year of the Abortion Story,' Female Sexual Dysfunction, More

Federal Appeals Court Hears Oral Arguments Over Contraceptive Coverage Accommodation

Transgender People Face Obstacles Accessing Reproductive Health Care, Survey Finds

Study: Women With Early Breast Cancer Increasingly Opt for Breast Removal

Ebola Outbreak Presents Special Challenges for Women's Health

Video Round Up: 'Unacceptable' Rape Kit Backlog Addressed, Pollitt Reads From New Book on Abortion Rights

Pa. Extends Limited Medicaid Program for Women

Abortion-Rights Opponents Already Pushing New Bills in Several States

Ariz. School District Stalls on Controversial Plan to Remove Abortion Reference From Textbook

Plan for Campus Climate Survey Fuels Debate Over Addressing College Sexual Assault

Yale Law Students, Guardian Columnist Blast Professor's NYT Op-Ed on Sexual Assault

Pa. Gov.-Elect Must Act To Improve 'Deplorable' Status of Women's Health in State, Op-Ed Urges

Washington Post Editorial: 'Congress Must Act' on Rape Kit Backlog

Study: Preterm Births Now Leading Cause of Death for Children Under Five

NYT Op-Ed: Colleges Ignoring 'Root Problems' Behind Sexual Assault

FDA Approves Roche's Avastin To Treat Certain Ovarian Cancers

Blogs Comment on 'Conscience' Rights, Appellate Victory in Contraceptive Coverage Case, More

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Contraceptive Coverage Accommodation

First Antiabortion-Rights Bill Introduced Since Passage of Tenn. Amendment

Mo. Senator Files Abortion Clinic Inspection Bill That Languished Last Year

Ga. City Bans Abortion Clinics, Most Abortions

New Hearing Sought Over Court Ruling That Ended Medication Abortion in N.D.

Ariz. Threatens Inspection of NARAL Official's House After Anonymous False Complaint

Manhattan DA's Office Launches $35M Program To Cut Rape Kit Backlog Across U.S.

Salvadoran Abortion Ban, Rape Stigma Exacerbate Teen Suicide Rate, Health Official Says

Blogs Comments on Spurious Anti-Choice 'Science,' Problems With 'Purity Culture,' More

Lawsuit Filed Against Tenn. Constitutional Amendment, Alleges Invalid Vote

Last Abortion Clinic in Cincinnati Area Sues To Fight State Regulations

U.S. Lacks Adequate Investment in Family Planning To Prevent Teen Pregnancy, NYT Columnist Argues

Study: States With Lower HPV Vaccination Rates Tend To Have Higher Cervical Cancer Rates

Quote Round Up: 'Personhood' Gets 'Dealt Another Blow,' Voters' Interest in Reproductive Rights 'Indisputable' & More

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Catholic Bishops Vote To Revise Guidelines for Health System Mergers With Secular Entities