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Publicly Funded Family Planning Make Sense for Families, Taxpayers, Columnist Argues

Pittsburgh Approves Workplace Protections for Pregnant City Employees

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Several Texas Clinics To Resume Services After Supreme Court Order, Others Still Face Challenges

Report: Medicaid Expansion Tied To Lower Costs for States

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Supreme Court Halts Parts of Texas Antiabortion-Rights Law, Allowing Clinics To Resume Services

Report Card: Many States Fail To Meet Women's Health Needs, Disparities Persist

States Restrict Telemedicine Abortion Services, Despite Safety, Other Benefits

Most Irish Support Referendum To Expand Abortion Rights

States Continue To Limit Abortion Access, Despite Public Support for Abortion Rights

Texas Clinics Receiving More Calls, Patients Facing Longer Wait Times After HB 2 Ruling

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Va. Task Force Working To Help Prevent, Respond to Campus Sexual Assault

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Full Federal Appeals Court Declines To Review Ruling on Texas' HB 2

Research Review Suggests Epidurals Should Be Administered When Women Choose

N.J. Medical Board Revokes Doctor's License Over Unlawful Abortion Procedures

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Women's Health Policy Report Will Not Publish on Monday, Oct. 13

Last Texas Clinic West of San Antonio Stops Abortions After HB 2 Confusion; More Private Physician Offices Might Offer Abortions

Washington Post, USA Today: TRAP Laws' 'Real Goal' Is To Limit Abortion Access

Sen. McCaskill Solicits Feedback From Mo. Schools on Legislation Addressing Campus Sexual Assault

Study: Robotic Surgery for Ovary, Cyst Removal Has Higher Costs, More Complications

Trial Date Set for La. Admitting Privileges Case; State Still Blocked From Enforcing Measure

Notre Dame Petitions Supreme Court To Review Challenge to Contraceptive Coverage Rules

Pope Francis Urges Vigorous Debate Over Contraception, Other Issues at Meeting of Catholics

Young Pregnant Woman Are Not Receiving Proper Oral Health Care, Study Finds

Abortion Clinics in Maine Seeing More Canadian Women

Texas Clinics Petition Supreme Court To Reinstate Injunction After HB 2 Ruling

Mo. 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Likely To Take Effect Without Legal Challenges

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