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Conservatives Push Forward on 20-Week Abortion Ban, Despite Controversy

Report: Majority of Women Cannot Access Abortion Coverage in ACA Marketplaces

Wyo. Bill Would Require Ultrasound, Fetal Heartbeat Information Before Abortion

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House Passes Abortion Coverage Restrictions After Canceling Vote on 20-Week Abortion Ban

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W.Va. Lawmaker Refiles 20-Week Abortion Ban

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Democratic Lawmakers To Reintroduce Women's Health Protection Act

Va. Bill To Expand Access to Contraception Stalled

La. Rejects Planned Parenthood Clinic's Application To Provide Abortion Services

Iowa Sen. Introduces Two Antiabortion-Rights Measures for 2015 Session

Some Conservative Lawmakers Raise Concerns Over House 20-Week Abortion Ban

Obama Administration Argues Hobby Lobby Ruling Does Not Apply To Not-For-Profits

Ark. Legislators Introduce Bills To Ban Telemedicine Abortion Services

Rhode Island Man Files Federal Lawsuit Over Concerns About Abortion Coverage

CMS Administrator Tavenner To Step Down

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Abortion-Rights Groups Call on President Obama To Clarify Helms Amendment

Judge Rules To Maintain Hold on La. Admitting Privileges Law During Legal Challenge

Mont. Lawmakers Drafting Bills To Restrict Abortion Rights, But Gov. Resists Measures

Kan. Antiabortion-Rights Group Introduces Bill To Ban Certain Second-Trimester Abortions

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President Obama Announces New Paid Sick Days and Paid Leave Initiatives

Ind. Bill Would Ban Abortions Based on Sex of Fetus, Genetic Defects

Study: Episiotomy Rate Down by Nearly One-Third From 2006-2012

Hundreds Rally in Nashville To Support Women's Rights

Appeals Court Hears Oral Arguments Over N.D., Ark. Early Abortion Bans

Report Provides New Insights Into Role of Hormones, Interventions During Childbirth

Va. Gov., Women's Rights Coalition Outline Legislative Agendas

Texas Lawmakers Propose Sex Education Bills

N.Y. Senate Passes Women's Equality Bills, Excludes Abortion-Rights Measure

Ky. Senate Advances Mandatory Counseling Bill

Tenn. Sen. Proposes Mandatory Counseling Measure To Replace Previously Invalidated Law

Kan. Medical Board Rules Not To Reinstate Medical License of Former Tiller Colleague

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Conservatives Pushing for Abortion Restrictions on Federal, State Level

Analysis Finds More Women Using LARC; Growth Expected To Continue

More States Improving Workplace Protections for Pregnant Women

Neb. Bill Seeks Medicaid Waiver To Expand Family Planning Services

Protests Highlight Texas Antiabortion-Rights Law's Disproportionate Effect on Latinas

N.D. Supreme Court Declines To Reconsider Medication Abortion Case

Groups Weigh In on Role of HPV Test for Cervical Cancer Screening

N.H. Bill Would Defund All Facilities That Perform, Refer Patients for Abortion

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