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S.C. Senate Advances 20-Week Abortion Ban

Calif. Law Could Improve Birth Control Access; Oregon Considers Similar Measure

Abortion Restrictions Vary by ZIP Code, 'Create One Barrier After Another for Women,' Op-Ed States

Aetna Agrees To Pay $4.5M for Violating Mo. Abortion, Autism Coverage Requirements

Texas Senate Committee Advances Bill Adding Restrictions to Parental Involvement Law

Federal Court Again Denies Notre Dame Injunction Against Contraceptive Coverage Rules

N.M. Committee Report Calls for Greater Investment in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

Federal Bills Could Improve Contraceptive Access, Quality of Contraceptive Care for Servicewomen

Moves To Ban Telemedicine Abortion Could Limit Early Access to Abortion

Stakeholders: La. Abortion Ban Bill Could Restrict Asian-American Women's Access to Reproductive Care

Blogs Comment on 'Cruel' Texas Judicial Bypass Bill, Debunk Rationale Behind Admitting Privileges Laws, More

Texas Judicial Bypass Bill Could Affect Undocumented Immigrants' Access to Abortion

Tenn. Governor Signs 48-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill

N.H. Senate Halts Effort To Repeal 'Buffer Zone' Law

S.C. Senate Stalls on 20-Week Ban

Woman Files Lawsuit Against N.J. City 'Buffer Zone' Ordinance

N.Y. AG Launches Training for State Hospital Staff on Transgender Individuals' Care

Blogs Comment on the 'Worst State' for Repro Rights, New Restrictions in the 20-Week Ban, More

Quote Round Up: Advocates Condemn Surge of Antiabortion-Rights Legislation, Praise Contraceptive Coverage Guidance, More

Kan. Senate Committee Advances Bill To Amend Medication Abortion Restrictions

Wave of Mandatory Delay Legislation Imposing Additional Burdens on Women

La. House Passes Bill That Would Ban Abortion Based on Sex of Fetus

NYT: 20-Week Ban Marks Another Effort 'To Undercut Women's Constitutionally Protected Reproductive Rights'

Iowa House Committee Advances Budget Blocking Abortion Providers From Family Planning Program

Texas House Advances Bill Adding Additional Restrictions to Parental Involvement Law

Maine Parental Involvement Bill 'Could Put a Girl's Health and Safety at Risk,' Editorial Contends

House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

Federal Judge Dismisses Some Claims in Suit Challenging La. Admitting Privileges Law

Judge: Calif. Law Does Not Permit Teaching Abstinence as the Only Safe Way To Prevent Pregnancy

Physicians Group Backs LGBT-Inclusive Health Policies

Report: More Than Half of Texas Women Face Barriers to Reproductive Health Services

Obama Admin Clarifies ACA Birth Control Rules, Other Preventive Services Requirements

Blogs Comment on Threat to Tennessee Clinics, Spread of Catholic Hospital Restrictions on Care, More

N.Y. AG Proposes Bill To Codify ACA's Contraceptive Coverage Benefits Into State Law

Op-Ed Examines 'Systematic Failures' of U.S. Reproductive Health Care Behind Feticide Cases

Report Ranks All 50 States, D.C. on State of Reproductive Rights

House To Vote This Week on 20-Week Abortion Ban

Ala. House Panel Advances Three Antiabortion-Rights Bills

Conservative Legislatures Pushing 'Surge' of Antiabortion-Rights Legislation

Tenn. Gov. Signs Measure Requiring Abortion Clinics To Meet Surgical Center Standards

Video Round Up: Antiabortion-Rights Laws Closing Ohio Clinics, Anti-Choice Tactics Spread Overseas, More

Blogs Comment on Chlamydia Outbreak at Abstinence-Only School, Efforts To Fund Colo. LARC Program, More

Ohio Abortion-Rights Supporters Rally Against Restrictions

Wis. Lawmakers Introduce 20-Week Abortion Ban

La. House Panel Advances Bill To Ban Abortion Based on Sex of Fetus

Report Ranks U.S. Last Among Developed Countries for Maternal Health

Iowa Gov.'s Budget Would Scrap Policy Granting Him Authority To Decide Medicaid Coverage for Abortions

N.Y. Assembly Passes Women's Workplace Protections; Advocates Continue To Push Bill To Codify Roe

Washington Post Praises Va. AG's Opinion Knocking Onerous Rules for Existing Abortion Clinics