National Partnership for Women & Families


ACLU Challenges Maine Medicaid Program's Restrictions on Abortion Coverage

Special Committee Investigating Abortion Providers Receives $300K in Funding

Federal Judge Warns CMP Founder, Rejects 5th Amendment Argument

Ore. Antiabortion-Rights Group Pushes Measure To Block State Abortion Funding

Only One Abortion Clinic in Mo. After TRAP Law Forces Planned Parenthood Clinic To Suspend Abortion Services

Study: Increased Cervical Cancer Diagnoses Among Young Women Likely Connected to ACA Provision

Women's Health Policy Report Will Not Publish Nov. 26, 27

7th Circuit Affirms Decision Ruling Wis. Admitting Privileges Law Unconstitutional

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Over Texas' Move To Cut Medicaid Funding

Nearly 75% of Seventh-Grade R.I. Students Vaccinated Under State HPV Vaccine Mandate

ABC Drama 'Scandal' Depicts Realistic Abortion on Network Television

N.D. Asks SCOTUS To Review Ruling Against 'Heartbeat' Ban

Ala. Health Task Force Proposes Amendments to State Chemical Endangerment Law

Mass. Senate Passes Medically Accurate, Age-Appropriate Sexuality Education Bill

Hundreds of Health Care Providers Worldwide Call on Ireland's Parliament To Decriminalize Abortion

Wis. Lawmakers Announce Bill To Protect Reproductive Rights

Okla. Gov. Seeks To Defund Planned Parenthood

Investigation Finds Md. Health Marketplace Directory Includes Outdated Information on Ob-Gyns

Study: Taking Oral Contraceptives Could Improve Future Ovarian Cancer Outcomes

Blogs Comment on Difficulties Addressing Reproductive Coercion, Justice Kennedy's Role in Texas' HB 2 Lawsuit, More

Video Round Up: SCOTUS Takes Up Texas HB 2; LARC Use on the Rise

Ohio House Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Utah Lawmakers To Propose Bills Targeting Planned Parenthood, Banning Abortion

Miss. Clinic To Register With Medicaid and Other Insurers, Offer Covered Birth Control

CDC: Reported STI Cases Increased in 2014

N.Y. Co-Op Closure Could Place Consumers in Catholic Plan With Secondary Providers for Reproductive Health Services

Study Finds at Least 100K Texas Women Have Attempted Self-Induced Abortion

In NYT Op-Ed, Provider Shares Why He Offers Abortion Care

Senate Leader Confirms Vote on Measure Targeting Planned Parenthood Funding via Reconciliation Process

Investigation Affirms Wash. Planned Parenthood Affiliates Free From Wrongdoing

Op-Ed: Mo. Sen. Targeting Student Researcher Is Attack on Academic Freedom, Free Speech

Supreme Court Rejects Antiabortion-Rights Lawsuit Over Planned Parenthood Documents

Conservative State Attacks on Abortion Access Affect Access in Liberal States

Abortion-Rights Supporters Petition MU To Reinstate Privileges for Abortion Providers

Editorials, Op-Ed Urge Supreme Court To Protect Abortion Rights in Challenge to HB 2

Experts Refute Texas Officials' Claims About Improved Family Planning Access; CPCs on the Rise as Abortion Clinics Close

SCOTUS Asks for Response From Opponents of Ark. 12-Week Abortion Ban

Editorial Voices Support for Maine Lawsuit Against Disruptive Antiabortion-Rights Protester

SCOTUS Will Hear Challenge to Texas' Antiabortion-Rights Law

S.C. Levies Additional Fines Against Abortion Clinics

MU Doctoral Student To Continue Researching Mandatory Delay Law Despite Lawmaker's Objections

Clinic Escort Describes Protesters' Ongoing Harassment Outside Texas Clinic

Report: U.S. Among 13 Countries With Increasing Maternal Mortality Rates

New Report Finds Contraceptive Use at Record Levels in Low-Income Nations

Blogs Comment on Lawsuits Threatening Roe v. Wade, CPC's Deceptive Messaging Tactics, More

Quote Round Up: Editorial Denounces Challenge to Contraceptive Coverage Rules, Provider Speaks Out Against Harassment, More

NYT Op-Ed: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Restrict Low-Income Women's Health Care

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Launches Housing Program for Women Traveling for Abortion Care

Editorial Calls on Supreme Court To Reject Organizations' 'Extravagant Interpretation' of RFRA

Mich. Lawmakers Advance Bills Prohibiting Certain Abortions