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Court Blocks Antiabortion-Rights Group From Releasing Certain Video Content, Efforts To Defund Planned Parenthood Continue

Telemedicine Abortion Bans 'Not Justifiable,' Physician Writes in Op-Ed

Ala. Inmate Drops Request Seeking Abortion

Kansas Antiabortion-Rights Activist Must Face Trial Over Letter Threatening Abortion Provider

Abortion-Rights Opponents in Senate Introduce Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Wheaton College To Stop Student Health Insurance To Sidestep Contraceptive Coverage Rules

Judge Expects To Rule on Ala. Inmate's Request To Have an Abortion by Friday

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Planned Parenthood Confirms Cyberattack Initiated by Antiabortion-Rights Hackers

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Op-Ed: Laws Restricting Abortion, Contraception Access Exacerbate U.S. Mortality Rate

Senate Fast Tracks Measure To Defund Planned Parenthood; Calif. AG Launches Investigation into Group Behind Videos

9th Circuit Court Affirms Washington Rules on Dispensing Emergency Contraception

Transgender Individuals Continue To Face Challenges Accessing Care

Wisconsin Antiabortion-Rights Laws Send Women Across State Lines for Abortion Care

Lawmakers Target Planned Parenthood Following Antiabortion-Rights Group's Misleading Videos

Lawmakers Introduce Equality Act To Bolster Civil Rights Protections for LGBT Individuals, Women

Mich. Lawmakers Propose Legislation To Reduce Unintended Pregnancies

Blogs Comment on Federal Court Decision Targeting Roe, Investigation into 'Sham Group' Behind Planned Parenthood Videos

Datapoints: A Look at Repro Rights Mid-Year, Teens Continue To Delay Sex

'Dishonest' Videos Targeting Planned Parenthood 'Latest in a Series of Unrelenting Attacks,' NYT Editorial States

Appeals Court Strikes Down N.D. 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban

NYT Op-Ed Says Ongoing Religious Challenges to Contraceptive Coverage Rules Go 'Too Far'

Ala. Inmate Files Lawsuit Seeking Abortion

Study Finds Chlamydia Screening Rate Decreases After Pap Test Guidelines Change

CDC Report: Decline in Teen Sex Rate Levels; Rate Down Over Long Term

Ind. Health Department Denies South Bend Abortion Clinic License Renewal Application

8th Circuit Order Allows Mo. Lawmaker To Challenge Contraceptive Coverage Rules

Political Divide in Chile Endangers Abortion Reform Measure

Wis. Governor Signs 20-Week Abortion Ban

Wash. Hospital Develops Plan To Provide Abortion Services

Analysis: Women Having More Ultrasounds During Pregnancies

Blogs Comment on LGBT-Inclusive Sexuality Education, the One Flaw in Oregon's OTC Birth Control Law, More

Kansas Judge Rejects State's Argument in Ongoing Challenge to TRAP Law

Mo. Clinic Scheduled To Resume Abortion Services in August

Texas Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Funding Uncertain

Study: Heterosexual Health Care Providers Might Have Bias Against LGBT Patients

Ohio Clinic Seeks Additional Ob-Gyn To Meet State Requirement Amid Antiabortion-Rights Campaign

Editorial: Improved Contraceptive Access Helps Combat Income Inequality

Former Texas-Based Abortion Clinic Aims To Decrease Stigma, Misinformation About the Procedure

Blogs Assess State of Abortion Restrictions Mid-Year, Laud Latest Contraceptive Coverage 'Victory,' More

Senate Tentatively Schedules Vote on 20-Week Abortion Ban

Study: Few States Require HPV Vaccine Despite Safety, Efficacy

Ohio Clinic Receives Ambulatory Surgical Center License

Antiabortion-Rights Group's 'Incrementalist' Strategy Helps Propel Recent 'Wave' of Antiabortion-Rights Laws

Appeals Court Affirms Federal Contraceptive Coverage Rules' Accommodation

ACLU Files Suit Against Ala. Admitting Privileges Law To Protect Sole Tuscaloosa Clinic

Ohio AG Challenges Decision Allowing Sole Toledo Clinic To Remain Open

NYT's 'Room for Debate' Discusses Publicly Funded Contraceptives, Effect on Teen Pregnancy

'Overwhelming Majority' of Women Who Had Abortions Feel They Made the Right Decision, Study Finds