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Datapoints: LARC Use Increases Among U.S. Teens, Abortion Coverage Data Lack Transparency

Miss. Clinic Files Brief Urging SCOTUS To Dismiss State's Defense of Admitting Privileges Law

Advocates: Funding Restrictions on Women's Health Providers in Texas Budget Proposals Would Endanger Access

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N.C. House Approves 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill

Ala. Rep. Files Legislation Targeting Northern Ala.'s Only Abortion Clinic

Abortion-Rights Opponents Target Roe Protections with Fetal Homicide, Criminalizing Pregnancy Laws

Fla. House Advances 24-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill

Senate Passes Human Trafficking Bill, Moves Forward on Lynch Confirmation

La. Officials Publish Final Version of Revamped Abortion Clinic Regulations

Guttmacher: More School-Based Health Centers Should Provide Birth Control

USPSTF Releases New Draft Recommendations for Mammograms

Senate Strikes Deal on Antiabortion-Rights Language in Human Trafficking Bill

Tenn. House Passes Two Antiabortion-Rights Bills

Colo. House Approves Contraception Program Funding Measure

States Increasingly Passing Antiabortion-Rights Bills Based on 'Junk,' 'Unsubstantiated Science'

Op-Ed: 'Latest Wave' of Antiabortion-Rights Laws 'Based on Bad Medicine'

Nevada Parental Involvement Measure Unlikely To Advance in State Senate

Blogs Comment on Slew of 2015 Abortion Restrictions, Efforts To Protect Abortion Rights, More

Ore. Creates Workgroup To Discuss Birth Control Access Measure

Ill. Bill Would Require Catholic Hospitals To Inform Patients About Alternative Options

Nevada Assembly Advances Parental Involvement Measure

CMS Proposes Expanded Coverage of HPV Testing

Fla. Senate Committee Approves 24-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill

L.A. Times: Kansas, Okla. Laws Do Not 'Even Bother To Pretend To Protect Women's Health'

20-Week Abortion Ban Advances in S.C. Senate, Now Faces Procedural Block

Video Round Up: N.C. Lawmakers Risking Accreditation of UNC Program, Indiana Criminalizing Pregnancy, More

Colo. Senate Leader Introduces 'Fetal Homicide' Measure

Texas House Panel Hears Testimony on Bill Regarding End-of-Life Care for Pregnant Women

Blogs Comment on Curbing CPC Misinformation, Protecting Pregnant Women's Rights, More

Report: Some Insurers Not Covering all FDA-Approved Contraceptives Without Copays

Obama Signs Medicare Legislation With Hyde Language, Sexuality Education Funding

Colo. Budget Committee Rejects Budget Funding Provision for Family Planning Program

Texas House Panel Hears Testimony on Proposed Changes to Judicial Bypass for Minors Seeking Abortion

Tennessee Senate Approves Two Antiabortion-Rights Measures

Ore. Comprehensive Women's Health Bill Misses Legislative Deadline, Dead for This Session

HHS Rejects Request To Include Pregnancy as Qualifying Life Event for Special ACA Enrollment

Sen. Murray: Proposed Amendment to Human Trafficking Bill a 'Non-Starter'

Calif. Lawmakers Propose Bill To Crack Down on Misinformation by Crisis Pregnancy Centers

CMS Expands Medicare Coverage for HIV Screenings

Senate Approves Medicare Legislation With Hyde Language

Nev. Assembly Committee Advances Parental Involvement Bill

Op-Ed: Ohio Lawmakers Should Avoid 'Repeat' of Reproductive Rights Violations in Next State Budget

Okla. Governor Signs Law Banning Certain Abortions

Alaska Bill Would Bar Abortion Providers' Participation in Sex Ed

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Mont. House Advances Antiabortion-Rights Health Insurance Bill

Federal Judge Holds Hearing on Vt. Man's Concerns About Marketplace Abortion Coverage

Colo. House Adds $5M for Family Planning Program to State Budget Proposal

NYT Op-Ed: Law Must Address How Violence Against Pregnant Women Harms Reproductive Freedom