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Alaska Judge Rejects Restrictions on Medicaid Abortion Coverage

Colo. LARC Program Receives $2M in Temporary Funding

Australian Court Rejects Bid To Protect Clinic from Antiabortion-Rights Protesters

Blogs Comment on Federal Contraceptive Coverage Rules, Lambast Ohio Antiabortion-Rights Law, More

Datapoints: Distance to the Nearest Abortion Provider Is Increasing; Which States Help Fund CPCs

Women's Health Policy Report Will Not Publish Aug. 31-Sept. 7

Forensics Experts Find CMP Videos Manipulated, Unreliable for Investigative Purposes

Colorado Will Not Conduct Planned Parenthood Investigation

Mo. Lawmakers, Health Officials Debate Abortion Clinic License Requirements

R.I. School Committee Asks Governor To Rescind HPV Vaccine Requirement

Planned Parenthood Sues La. Over Medicaid Cuts; Calif. Rejects Proposed Planned Parenthood Audit

In New Tactic, Abortion-Rights Opponents Disclose Personal Information on Women, Abortion Providers

Calif. Catholic Hospital Permits Patient To Access Sterilization Services After Facing Possible Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood App Helps Alaska Women Access Birth Control

Conservative Lawmakers in Tenn., Iowa Request Investigations Following Misleading Videos

6th Circuit Affirms Ruling for Contraceptive Coverage Rules; 10th Circuit Issues Stay on Rules

NY Times: Ohio Abortion Ban Part of National Effort To Overturn Roe

Mich. Lawmaker Proposes Bills To Criminalize Certain Abortions

Blogs Comment on Mich. Abortion Ban Proposal, Court Rulings on Federal Contraceptive Coverage Rules, More

Judge Says Antiabortion-Rights Group Can Release More Footage; Planned Parenthood Weighs Legal Action

Kansas' Move To Defund Planned Parenthood Curbs Health Care Access for Low-Income Residents

Texas Clinic Spends $3 Million To Comply With HB 2 Building Requirements

Man Who Brought Explosive Device, Knives to Kan. Abortion Clinic Arrested

New Study Raises Questions About Treatment for Early Stage Breast Cancer

Lawmaker Initiates Investigation Into Center for Medical Progress

Study: Legal Abortion, Increased Access Would Curb Unsafe Abortion Rate in Developing World

Uterine Cancer Rates Are Increasing in U.S., Study Finds

Blogs Comment on Consequences of Targeting Planned Parenthood, the '2015 Taco or Beer Challenge' for Abortion Funding, More

Video Round Up: Judge Halts Tenn. TRAP Law Enforcement; Campaign Targets Restrictive Irish Abortion Law

Fla. Clinics To Resume Offering Full Range of First Trimester Abortion Care

States Targeting Abortion Rights Borrow Tactics from Texas

Under Emergency Rule, Ariz. Abortion Providers Must Report on Fetal Tissue Donation

ACOG Advises Against Predictive Preeclampsia Tests

Poll Finds Widespread Support for Funding Health Care Services Through Planned Parenthood

FDA Approves First Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Federal Judge Orders Texas To Halt Enforcement of HB 2 Against Provider

Calif. Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Repeal Law Targeting Women Who Give Birth While on Welfare

R.I. Officials: No Plans To Change HPV Vaccine Requirements

Planned Parenthood Launches Campaign Against Defunding Efforts, Pledges To Continue Fetal Tissue Donation

Fla. Planned Parenthood Seeks Emergency Ruling To Allow Clinics To Resume Certain Abortion Care

Not-For-Profits Provide Funding To Help Low-Income Ohio Women Access Abortion Care

Ariz. Court Hears Arguments in Case Challenging Medication Abortion Restrictions

Blogs Comment on Faith Leaders' Support for Planned Parenthood, Victory in Alabama, More

Ark., Utah Take Aim at Federal Planned Parenthood Funding

Judge Temporarily Blocks Ala. Admitting Privileges Law, Allowing Clinic To Reopen

Study: Women Who Choose LARCs Continue Contraceptive Use Long Term

Calif. To Extend Full Medi-Cal Coverage to Pregnant Women

Study: Care Costs for Transgender Servicemembers Would Be Minimal

Federal Judge Blocks TRAP Law Enforcement in Affected Tenn. Counties

Bills Aim To Keep Insurance Coverage of Mammograms Intact for Women in Their 40s