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New Abortion Clinic Aims To Destigmatize Procedure

Ark. Senate Approves Bill To Extend Mandatory Delay, Require Biased Counseling

Tenn. Lawmaker Withdraws Mandatory Ultrasound Bill

Texas Lawmakers Propose Budget Amendments To Defund Alternatives to Abortion Program

Op-Ed: Young Decision Shows Liberals, Conservatives Together Can Advance Women's Rights

Erie Diocese Requests En Banc Review of Contraceptive Coverage Ruling

Ariz. Governor Signs Antiabortion-Rights Bill

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Mont. House Endorses Bill Calling for 'Personhood' Ballot Initiative

Ark. Legislature Sends Parental Involvement, Funding Restriction Bills to Governor

Survey: Most Millennials Support Access to Affordable Birth Control

Datapoints: Supreme Court Case Puts Women's Coverage at Risk, State Abortion Bans Restrict Care

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House Passes Medicare Legislation That Includes Abortion Restrictions

Ariz. Antiabortion-Rights Bill Heads to Gov.

Women's Health Advocates Call on Ore. Legislature To Pass Comprehensive Women's Health Bill

N.Y. Assembly Passes Bill To Protect Abortion Rights

Kan. House Passes Bill Banning Certain Abortions; Gov. Signature Expected

Ohio House Passes 'Heartbeat' Bill That Could Ban Abortion as Early as Six Weeks

Two Antiabortion-Rights Bills Advance in Tenn. House

Ark. Teen Pregnancy Bill 'Frustratingly Incomplete,' Opinion Piece States

Vandalism at Miss. Abortion Clinic Will Not Deter Services, Director Says

Idaho Senate Approves Telemedicine Abortion Ban

N.C. Asks Supreme Court To Consider Ultrasound Law That Was Found Unconstitutional

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CDC: Number of Uninsured at 15-Year Low Since ACA Passage Five Years Ago

Survey: Many Religious Women Supportive of Contraceptive Coverage Rules

Ark. House Passes Bill To Bolster Parental Involvement Requirements

Ariz. House Passes Bill That Would Add Several New Abortion Restrictions

Supreme Court Sides With Former UPS Worker in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

President Obama Tells Senate Leaders To Stop 'Playing Politics' Over Trafficking Bill, Confirm AG Nominee

Medicare Legislation Could Contain Abortion Restrictions

La. Asks Federal Judge To Dismiss Portions of Lawsuit Over Admitting Privileges Law

Texas House Panel Mulls Bill To Expand Teen Access to Birth Control

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wis. Admitting Privileges Law

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Federal Judge Hears Arguments in Ala. Parental Involvement Case

Senate Remains at Impasse Over Human Trafficking Bill

Neb. Senate Comm. Hears Testimony on Two Antiabortion-Rights Measures

Plaintiffs Drop Some Claims To Appeal Pittsburgh 'Buffer Zone' Ruling

LA Times: State Abortion Restrictions 'Unnecessary' and 'Often Unconstitutional'

Federal Court: ACA Prohibits Discrimination Against Patients Based on Gender Identity

Study: Breast Biopsies Less Reliable at Identifying Subtle Abnormalities Than Cancer

Collins: Impasse Over Human Trafficking Bill 'A New Bottom' for Senate

Ark. Senate Sends Medication Abortion Restrictions to Governor

Ill. Bill Would Require Annual Clinic Inspections