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Mass. House Approves Bill Protecting Abortion Clinics

Study Evaluating Effects of Texas' HB 2 Shows 13% Drop in Abortions

10.3M Obtained Health Coverage Since Fall 2013 Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period, Study Says

Opponents of Colorado 'Personhood' Amendment Launch Campaign Against Proposed Measure

Ohio Democrats To Propose Bill Mandating Employers Cover Contraceptives

JAMA Study Supports FDA Estimate of How Many Women Undergoing Hysterectomy, Fibroid Removal Have Undetected Cancer

Datapoints: 'Bad Medicine' in the States, Myths About Abortion Providers & More

White House to Modify Contraceptive Coverage Accommodation for Religiously Affiliated Not-For-Profit Groups

Appeals Courts Issue Different Rulings on Legality of Tax Subsidies in ACA's Federal Marketplaces

Wis. Will No Longer Enforce State Contraceptive Coverage Requirements for Companies With Religious Objections

NYT: Hobby Lobby Ruling May Exacerbate Economic Inequality by Treating Corporations as People

In House, Maternity, Paternity Leave Policies Vary Significantly by Office

Johns Hopkins To Pay $190M To Settle Charges That Women Were Secretly Filmed by Doctor During Pelvic Exams

Senate Democrats Propose Bill To Ensure Women Cannot Be Refused Access to Contraceptives at Pharmacies

Rate of New HIV Diagnoses in the U.S. Down by One-Third, Report Says

HPV Test More Accurate Than Pap Test For Measuring Cervical Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Fewer Low-Income Women Having Infants With Unhealthy Birthweights

Four Organizations, Including Two on Women's Health, Should Be Exempt From N.Y. Donor Disclosure Rules, Judicial Hearing Officer

Blogs Comment on Abortion Restrictions, Pregnancy and Fertility and More

Texas Considers How To Streamline Reproductive Health Services for Low-Income Women

Planned Parenthood Votes Will Spend $3M on Election in Texas

White House Adviser Jarrett Uses Opinion Piece To Address Measures To Protect Pregnant Women Against Discrimination

Judge Clarifies Wis. Medication Abortion Law

Number of Abortions in Ind. Declines for Fifth Year Amid New Laws

N.Y. Officials Propose Contraceptive Coverage Notification Bill

Employers Must Inform Workers When Denying Contraceptive Coverage, Labor Dept. Says

House Approves Spending Bill Barring D.C. Medicaid Abortion Coverage

Ariz. Health Department Dismisses Citation Against Planned Parenthood Center

Blogs Comment on 'Dignity of the Refused,' Supporting Working Families, More

Senate Republicans Block Bill To Upend Hobby Lobby Ruling

Mass. Senate Acts Quickly To Protect Abortion Clinics Before Session Ends

Many Employers Favor Contraceptive Coverage

N.H., Pittsburgh 'Buffer Zone' Laws in Legal Crosshairs After Supreme Court Ruling

FDA Considers New Treatment Option for Cervical Cancer

Video Round-Up: Sen. Baldwin on Women's Health Protection Act; Stewart, Colbert Take On Hobby Lobby

Contraceptive Coverage, Abortion Bills Shape Midterm Strategy for Both Parties

Employers Reminded of Pregnancy Non-Discrimination Laws as Complaints Rise

Judge Blocks Alaska Law on Medicaid Abortion Coverage

Supreme Court Asked To Review N.C. 'Choose Life' License Plates Law

New Injectable Contraceptive Debuts in Four African Countries

Senate Considers Abortion-Rights Bill as New Report Spotlights Nationwide Impact of State Laws

NYT: Women's Health Protection Act 'Vital' To Safeguarding Rights

Bill Proposed To Protect Mass. Abortion Clinics After Supreme Court Ruling

More Health Plans Covering Gender Reassignment Surgery

Multi-Million Fundraising Goals Set for Tenn. Antiabortion-Rights Referendum

Blogs Comment on 'Bad Medicine' of State Abortion Restrictions, Paid Leave, More

FDA Advisory Panel Says Cancer Risk From Surgery Device Cannot Be Minimized

Contraceptive Coverage Form Designed To Accommodate Religious Employers Draws Objections

N.Y. Attorney General Affirms That State's Buffer Zones Remain in Place

Abortion-Rights Groups Urge Court To Reject Appeal of Ark. 12-Week Abortion Ban