Federal Judge Overturns N.D. 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban

'Counterproductive' Tenn. Bill Bad for Women, Families, NYT Editorial Argues

Okla. Medication Abortion Bill Heads to Gov. Fallin

Texas Clinic Denied Request To Provide Abortions During Lawsuit

Colo. Dems Back Away From Reproductive Health Freedom Act

Hawaii Considers Proposal To Expand Fertility Treatment Coverage

Video Round-Up: Veto Urged on Controversial Tenn. Bill, Fight for Women's Votes Heats Up

Supreme Court To Weigh Dispute Over Antiabortion-Rights Group's Campaign Ad

Ariz. Gov. Brewer Signs Bill Allowing Surprise Inspections of Abortion Clinics

Many Hospitals Do Not Allow VBACs, Despite Guidelines

NYT Op-Ed Explores Endurance of Abortion as Political Issue

New GOP Program Aims To Fight 'War on Women' Reputation

Alaska Bill Restricting Medicaid Abortion Coverage Heads to Gov.

Information on Abortion Coverage Hard To Find for Marketplace Plans

Government Responds to Catholic Contraceptive Coverage Case; ACLU Asks To Submit Brief

Groups Urge Veto of Tenn. Bill Allowing Criminal Charges Over Pregnancy Outcomes

Backers of Tenn. Antiabortion-Rights Ballot Measure Lead Fundraising Race

Study: Lab-Grown Vaginas Successfully Transplanted in Women With Rare Disorder

Blogs Comment 'Things Your Ob-Gyn Won't Tell You,' Criminalizing Pregnancy, More

Rifts Over Abortion in Rape Cases Resurface in Policy Debates

Ark. Appeals Ruling That Struck Down 12-Week Abortion Ban

Colo. Reproductive Health Freedom Act Advances

S.C. Senate Panel Considers 'Stand Your Ground' for Fetuses, 'Personhood' Bills

HHS Sec. Sebelius Resigns; Obama Taps OMB Chief Burwell as Replacement

Texas Abortion Providers Ask Full Appeals Court To Review Ruling

La. House Panel Advance Sex Education, Abortion Bills

Blogs Comment on 'Prison Sexual Assault Crisis,' 'Surprising' Things About Abortion Experiences, More

Record Number of State Bills Favor Abortion Rights

Analysis: Net Increase of About 9.3M Newly Insured Under ACA

Ariz. Sends Surprise Abortion Clinic Inspections Bill to Gov.

Study Compares Midwife Deliveries in Different Settings

Quote Round Up: The Buzz on Abortion Access, Contraceptive Coverage Before the Supreme Court and More

CDC Report: Need for Better Sex Ed, Contraceptive Use Despite Record-Low Teen Births

Ariz. Medication Abortion Law Blocked Until Hearing

Fla. Bill To Redefine Fetal Viability Advances

Philippine Supreme Court Upholds Reproductive Health Law

Panel Endorses Low-Dose Aspirin for Women With High Risk of Pre-Eclampsia

Sole N.D. Abortion Clinic Asks for Permanent Block of Fetal Heartbeat Law

Calif. Hospital Allowed To Continue Abortion Ban With Stipulations

NYT Op-Ed: Declining Fertility Rates No Cause for 'Hysteria'

Blogs Comment on Senegalese Minor Forced To Continue Twin Pregnancy, Split in Antiabortion-Rights Movement

ACA Boosts Medicaid, CHIP Enrollment by 3M So Far

Proposed House Appropriations Riders Target Planned Parenthood, Contraceptive Coverage

Senators Request Funding To Address Sexual Assaults at Colleges

Kan. Legislature Avoids Debate on Abortion Ban Bill, Advances Smaller Measure

Reopened Wichita Clinic Serves 1,500 Patients in First Year

Number of Uninsured Drops by 5.4M in First Months of ACA Enrollment

Ala. Antiabortion-Rights Bills Head to Gov.; Judge Sets Trial Date Over Admitting Privileges Law

Miss. Struggles With Sex Education Despite Policy Changes

Blogs Comment on Hobby Lobby's Birth Control Investments, Latest Texas Lawsuit, More

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