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Planned Parenthood Sues Ohio Over Fetal Tissue Disposal Allegations; Mo. Affiliate Declines Documents Request

Pa. Judge Rules Non-Religious Organization Not Exempt From Contraceptive Coverage Rules

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Ob-Gyn Details Why Mich. Bill Banning Abortion Procedure Would Endanger Women's Health

Sierra Leone Approves Measure Legalizing Abortion Care

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Lawmakers Continue Debate Over Omnibus Spending Bill Riders, Including Abortion-Related Provisions

Ohio Lawmakers Propose Buffer Zone Measure

NYT Op-Ed Discusses Mo. Bill That Would Impose Abortion Care Restrictions on Gun Purchases

D.C. School Files Lawsuit Against Antiabortion-Rights Protesters

CDC Released Sexuality Education Score Card for U.S. High Schools, Middle Schools

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Suspect in Colo. Shooting Case Faces Eight First-Degree Murder Charges

Full Kansas Court of Appeals Mulls Ban on Certain Abortion Procedure

U.S. Appeals Court Hears Arguments on Ariz. Law Banning Abortion for Race, Sex

Fla. Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Improve Sexuality Education Curriculum

Iceland Minister of Health Launches Review of Abortion Law

Lawmakers Plan Short-Term CR Amid Stalled Debate on Omnibus Spending Bill

ACLU Threatens Lawsuit Against Catholic Hospital for Denying Women Tubal Ligation Procedures

Conservative Lawmakers Oppose Mich. Family Planning Grant for Planned Parenthood

Ohio Legislature Sends STI Treatment Bill to Governor

Report: Nearly 50 Measures Restricting Repro Health Passed in 2015

Most U.S. Voters Oppose Ending Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood, Poll Finds

Colo. Health Officials Seek LARC Funding as Part of Broader Family Planning Budget Request

Study: Laws Targeting Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs Linked With Decreased Likelihood of Accessing Standard Treatment

U.N. Women's Group Visits Ala. Advocates To Discuss Abortion, Women's Health

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Dominican Republic Constitutional Court Reinstates Total Ban on Abortion

SCOTUS Rejects CMP's Appeal To Block Discovery Order

Planned Parenthood Holds Day of Solidarity; Clinics Boost Security After Colo. Attack

Provider Shares Why He Offers Abortion Care Despite Constant Harassment, Death Threats

Senate Passes Bill Targeting Planned Parenthood Via Reconciliation Process

Nev. AG Ends Planned Parenthood Inquiry, Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing

Commentary Highlights Evidence Suggesting That Attacks on Abortion Clinics Do Not Discourage Abortions

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Majority of U.S. Residents Consider Recent Attacks on Abortion Clinics 'Domestic Terrorism,' Poll Finds

Conservative Spending Bill Proposal Does Not Target Planned Parenthood; Senate To Vote on Amendments to Reconciliation Bill

Federal Judge Allows Mo. Clinic To Keep Abortion License While Considering Lawsuit

S.C. Officials Propose Increased Inspection Fees for Clinics; Planned Parenthood Investigation Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing

Planned Parenthood Sues Idaho Over Telemedicine Abortion Restrictions

House Members Urge Speaker To Disband Special Committee Investigating Abortion Providers

NYT Op-Ed Examines Link Between Antiabortion-Rights Rhetoric, Violence

Ala. Drops Effort To Cut Planned Parenthood Medicaid Funding; Fla. Ends Investigation Into Planned Parenthood

Analysis: 10% of Large Not-For-Profits Requested Federal Contraceptive Coverage Rules' Accommodation

Belfast High Court Rules Northern Ireland's Abortion Ban Incompatible With Human Rights

Colo. Shooting Suspect To Face Murder Charges; House Speaker Does Not Expect Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood Funding

Federal Judge Temporary Blocks Mo. Health Officials From Revoking Columbia Clinic's Abortion License

NYT Praises Ore., Calif.; Calls on Other States To Facilitate Contraceptive Access