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Fla. Judge Reinstates Hold on 24-Hour Mandatory Delay Law
A Florida judge on Thursday issued an order temporarily blocking a state law (HB 633) that imposes a 24-hour mandatory delay before an abortion, after the law briefly took effect on Wednesday, News Service of Florida/WTXL reports.

States Passed 51 Abortion Restrictions in 2015, Study Finds
States so far in 2015 have passed 51 new abortion restrictions, according to a report from the Guttmacher Institute, The Hill reports.

LA Times: Supreme Court Should 'Strike Down' HB 2, Clarify That Such Laws 'Are Unconstitutional'
The Supreme Court's decision last week to put an "onerous new antiabortion law [HB 2]" in Texas on hold while deciding whether to review the case "was not just a welcome course of action for women in that state" but "also a promising indication that the court is concerned about the burdensome and unnecessary law," a Los Angeles Times editorial states.

States Increasingly Restrict Abortion Access, Other Reproductive Rights
While women's health advocates are watching the Supreme Court for key decisions on reproductive rights, most of the "action is at the state level, and decisions by state legislators ... underscore the threat to women's choices in reproduction and other health issues," The Conversation reports.

Sole Clinic in El Paso, Texas, Remains Open Under SCOTUS Order, But Future is Uncertain
The sole abortion clinic in El Paso, Texas, will remain open at least through the summer under a blocked omnibus antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), but the clinic's owner is concerned that the clinic might shut down after he retires because of the difficulty of hiring a successor, The Guardian reports.