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La. Senate Panel Tables Measure Prohibiting Abortion Based on Fetus' Sex
A bill (HB 701) that would ban abortions based on a fetus' sex is stalled in a Louisiana Senate judiciary committee following a 2-2 vote on Tuesday, AP/ABC News reports.

Abortion Mandatory Delays Can Increase Cost, Restrict Access
States increasingly are proposing and passing mandatory delay measures as a way to restrict abortion access, The Atlantic reports.

Appeals Court Rules Arkansas 12-Week Abortion Ban Unconstitutional
The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday struck down part of an Arkansas law (Act 301) that banned abortions at 12 weeks of pregnancy if a fetal heartbeat is detectable, AP/ABC News reports.

Ala. House Passes Bill Mandating 2,000 Feet Between Abortion Clinics, Public Schools
The Alabama House on Tuesday voted 79-15 to pass a bill (HB 527) that would not allow abortion clinics to operate within 2,000 feet of public schools, AP/ABC News reports.