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House Bill Would End Contraception Copays for Military Women
Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) on Wednesday introduced a bill (HR 5524) that would require the military's health plan, TRICARE, to cover contraceptives without copayments, The Hill reports.

Conservatives' Over-the-Counter Birth Control Proposal Fails To Address Affordability, Washington Post Editorial Argues
Conservatives' proposal for "[o]ver-the-counter sales of birth control pills would be no panacea for religious dilemmas posed by Obamacare" and could increase women's out-of-pocket costs, but "[f]rom a purely medical perspective ... the case for over-the-counter sales is strong," a Washington Post editorial argues.

Advocates Respond To NYT Coverage of Women's Abortion Stories, Mo. 72-Hour Delay Law
Advocates on both sides of the abortion-rights debate responded with letters to the editor of the New York Times about its recent coverage of women's abortion stories and a new Missouri law that mandates a 72-hour delay before an abortion.

Congress Extends Program To Facilitate DNA Analyses in Sexual Assault Cases
The Senate on Thursday approved by voice vote legislation (HR 4323) that would renew a program intended to help local governments reduce backlogs of unexamined DNA evidence in sexual assault cases, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.