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Abortion-Rights Groups Rethink 'Pro-Choice' Label To Broaden Message
Abortion-rights groups are gradually moving away from the term "pro-choice" in favor of a broader message that better encompasses the many health and economic issues that affect women, the New York Times reports.

'Political Intrusion on Exam Rooms' Must Stop, Op-Ed States
"There is a trend across the country that deeply concerns us and our fellow health-care advocates and providers: political intrusion on exam rooms," Debra Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women & Families, and Charles Cutler, former chair of the American College of Physicians Board of Regents, write in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece.

Roe v. Wade 'Effectively Undone' in Much of Texas, Washington Post Editorial Argues
"[P]ro-life groups and lawmakers are negating" the effects of Roe v. Wade with restrictive state laws, including a "frontal assault" on abortion providers in Texas, a Washington Post editorial argues.

Tenn. Campaigns Prepare for November Battle Over Abortion Rights
Supporters and opponents of a Tennessee ballot initiative (SJR 127) that would change the state's constitutional language regarding abortion are preparing to rapidly increase their efforts over the next few months, Nashville Public Radio reports.

Hobby Lobby Ruling 'Upended' Religious Freedom, Curtails Health Care, Op-Ed States
The Supreme Court's ruling in Hobby Lobby has "upended" the longstanding "concept of 'religious freedom'" in the U.S. and opened the door to "an alarming haggling over rights that previously had been set," writes blogger Amanda Marcotte in an opinion piece for USA Today.

Boston Globe Editorial Urges Activists To Delay Judgment on 'Buffer Zone' Replacement Law
The Massachusetts "Legislature last week took a big step toward addressing the US Supreme Court's objections to the state's 'buffer-zone' law" when both the state "House and Senate ... passed bills (S 2283) that would give police new powers to curb obstruction and harassment outside abortion clinics while allowing peaceful protests," according to a Boston Globe editorial.

Blogs Comment on 'Bad Science' in Women's Health Policy, Midterm Election, More
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