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Dems Skeptical of GOP Candidates' Support for Over-the-Counter Birth Control
Although some Republican candidates have said they support making birth control pills available over the counter, Democrats see such calls as a "ploy" to distract female voters from the GOP's established positions on women's health issues, The Hill reports.

Abortion-Rights Community Needs New Language, Washington Post Op-Ed Argues
"Pro-choice groups would be a lot stronger, more effective and more in sync with ... women" if they stopped referring to abortion as a "difficult decision," Janet Harris -- president of Upstream Analysis and a former EMILY's List communications director -- writes in a Washington Post opinion piece.

FDA Approves New Option for Late-Stage Cervical Cancer
FDA on Thursday approved Genentech's Avastin for the treatment of late-stage cervical cancer, in combination with chemotherapy drugs, the AP/New York Times reports.

Controversy Flares Over Irish Abortion Law After Woman's Request is Denied
A recent incident in which a woman who said she was suicidal was refused an abortion in Ireland has reignited controversy over the country's abortion restrictions, the New York Times reports.

Blogs Discuss Low-Wage Workers, Privacy Violations by Antiabortion Activists, More
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