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Reproductive Health Group Launches Website Promoting OTC Birth Control Pills
Ibis Reproductive Health has launched a website,, to provide information and promote efforts related to making a birth control pill available over the counter, the Huffington Post reports.

For-Profit Companies Increasingly Denying Contraceptive Coverage After Hobby Lobby Ruling
While the Supreme Court's Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision received the most public attention, more than two dozen other for-profit companies have also obtained court rulings allowing them to deny contraceptive coverage to their workers, and about two dozen more are expected to do so soon, the Daily Beast reports.

YouTube CEO: Paid Maternity Leave Should Be Available to All U.S. Women
The "sad truth" is that paid maternity leave is "rare in America, and the U.S. lags behind the rest of the world in providing for the needs of pregnant women and new mothers," YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki writes in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

Columnists: Supreme Court's Ruling Should Be Signal To Antiabortion-Rights Lawmakers
Two Arizona Republic columnists recently weighed in on the Supreme Court's decision not to consider a federal appeals court's ruling that blocked provisions in an Arizona law (HB 2036) that restricted medication abortion.