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Clinic Fights Ind. Law Mandating Surgical Standards When Only Medication Abortions Are Offered
A federal judge on Thursday heard oral arguments in a lawsuit against an Indiana law (SB 371) that would require clinics that offer only medication abortions to adhere to the same building and equipment standards as those that perform the surgical procedure, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Okla. Judge Who Upheld Admitting Privileges Law Known as Vocal Abortion-Rights Opponent
An Oklahoma County District judge who last week upheld a state law (SB 1848) requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges wrote more than a dozen antiabortion-rights measures while he was a state legislator, the Oklahoman reports.

FDA Concludes Two-Day Workshop on Female Sexual Dysfunction
Testimony from experts and advocates at a two-day FDA workshop on issues related to the lack of sexual dysfunction drugs left several unanswered questions for the agency as it considers developing guidance for such drugs, MedPage Today's "The Gupta Guide" reports.

Blogs Discuss 'Letting Pregnant Workers Work,' Mattress Protest Over College Sexual Assault Policies, More
Read the week's best commentaries from bloggers at ACLU, the Center for American Progress and more.

Video Round Up: Voters Mull Antiabortion-Rights Ballot Measures, Pregnancy Discrimination Remains Widespread, More
In today's clips, Melissa Harris-Perry and a panel discuss the antiabortion-rights amendments on the ballots in Colorado, North Dakota and Tennessee. Meanwhile, HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani explains how an Ohio law could make Cincinnati the largest metropolitan area in the U.S. without an abortion clinic.