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Planned Parenthood Confirms Cyberattack Initiated by Antiabortion-Rights Hackers
Planned Parenthood on Monday confirmed that its information systems had been targeted in a cyberattack by antiabortion-rights hackers, which potentially could expose sensitive employee information, The Hill reports.

The Atlantic Highlights Ongoing Disparities in Abortion Access
A woman's firsthand account of obtaining an abortion in the 1960s "illuminates a relationship between class and abortion that, 50 years later, is no less complicated," The Atlantic reports.

Op-Ed: Laws Restricting Abortion, Contraception Access Exacerbate U.S. Mortality Rate
Antiabortion-rights "laws and policies that limit abortion's availability, especially for women and teens who need it most" are "literally killing us," Women's eNews Editor in Chief Rita Henley Jensen writes in an opinion piece for the publication.

Blogs Comment on How To Support Planned Parenthood, Need To End Helms Amendment
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