Quality Tool Box

Performance Measurement & Public Reporting


Consumer Principles on Measurement and Public Reporting

This set of principles are designed to provide guidance to consumer advocates as they promote the public reporting of quality of care information, and ensure that such information is reported in a way that is meaningful to consumers. Download now » 


Fact Sheet » Patient Experience Survey

Patient experience surveys are a powerful way to find out what a patient’s experience of care is with specific doctors or hospitals. The information can then be used to make improvements. Download now » 


Fact Sheet » Transparency: Shedding Light on Health Care Quality

This fact sheet highlights the benefits of increased transparency and publicly reported information about quality of care. It goes on to suggest ways to improve transparency in our current health care system. Download now »


Performance Measurement Orientation

This PowerPoint slide pack explains how the performance of health care providers is measured. It also explains how performance measurement can improve health. Download now »


Public Reporting Orientation

This PowerPoint slide pack explains how publicly reporting the performance of hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers can lead to better care. The slides specifically address the role of consumers and highlights best practices in public reporting. Download now »


Performance Measurement and Public Reporting (Abbreviated Version)

This PowerPoint slide pack provides a tool to help consumers present to their own staff, constituencies, and/or collaborators on the consumer perspective on performance measurement and public reporting. Download now »


Fact Sheet » Using Electronic Data for Performance Measurement

Transparency of performance at all levels is essential to improving quality. The Consumer-Purchaser Disclosure Project developed this fact sheet to describe how electronic data will facilitate more comprehensive performance reporting. Download now »

A Pocket Guide to Seven Key Quality Measurement Issues

This brochure, developed by the Consumer-Purchaser Disclosure Project, provides consumer positions on seven key issues associated with performance measurement and can be used in discussions with clinicians and researchers. Download now »


Talking Quality Website » www.talkingquality.gov

The TalkingQuality Web site is designed as a guide for organizations that are developing reports for consumers about health care quality. It serves as an educational resource on quality reports and includes examples of different approaches to reporting data and a planning tool to help report designers generate an effective report. Visit now »

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