Beyond the FMLA, paid leave, and paid sick days, we support a range of policies to make our nation and its workplaces more flexible and family-friendly.

Working people have always needed to care for their children, families and elderly relatives, and at the same time, be productive, responsible employees.

As parents struggle to meet the dual demands of work and family, and people live longer and sometimes sicker, we need workplace policies that reflect the realities of our lives more than ever.

Research confirms what working families and responsible employers already know: when businesses take care of their workers, they are better able to retain them. And when workplace policies allow workers to meet the dual demands of work and family—while offering the security of job protection—workers are more committed and productive on the job.

When workers have a seat at the table, many of the most creative and successful workplace flexibility policies get implemented, including flex-time, part-time, telecommuting, job sharing, shift-swap and compressed work-week options.

Workplace Flexibility / Work & Family Policies

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