Retirement Security

After a lifetime in the workforce, seniors should have the chance to take care of themselves and enjoy time with their families once they leave their careers. As we all know, though, increasingly severe and complicated health concerns and the challenges of living on a fixed income can make retirement stressful. The National Partnership has complied information and resources on the programs that matter most to retired Americans.


The National Partnership on Medicare

    "We urge lawmakers to abandon politically-motivated attacks on critically important government programs that provide health care, food assistance and other vital services. America needs a federal budget that is fiscally responsible and provides for the basic needs of our most vulnerable families." More »
    Debra Ness, President, May 25, 2011.

    "While there is no question that Medicare could and should be more effective and efficient, turning it into a voucher program would put millions of future retirees — many of whom will have multiple chronic health conditions — at huge financial risk. Moving Medicare away from a social insurance program to a voucher system is nothing more than a cost shift onto older Americans and reneging on a commitment to America’s retirees." More »
    Judith L. Lichtman, Senior Advisor, April 15, 2011

    "The draconian Ryan proposal would repeal critical health insurance protections and bring back petty and punitive insurance practices, dismantle Medicare and Medicaid, widen the donut hole, cut food assistance, and put Social Security at risk." More »
    Judith L. Lichtman, Senior Advisor, April 14, 2011

    "It is imperative that we protect our most vulnerable citizens — including older women, people with health problems, and working women and families — as we chart the way forward." More »
    Debra Ness, President, December 3, 2010

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