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Your health. Your rights. You need full access to quality, affordable reproductive health services.

We’re on your side. We have a deep, unwavering commitment to women's reproductive health whether it’s expanding reproductive rights or blocking attempts to reverse hard-won gains.

Our goal is to give every woman access to the full range of reproductive health information and services, including contraceptive services and supplies, sexuality education, and abortion services.

And we also focus on adolescent health offering guides for pregnant and parenting teens as well as working on solutions to prevent and treat sexually transmitted infections, which are a health crisis for teenagers and young adults.


The need to protect and expand abortion access has never been so crucial. More »


Birth Control

On average, women will spend about three decades being sexually active but trying to avoid pregnancy. More »


Adolescent Health

Find info on minors’ legal rights and guides for pregnant and parenting teens. More »


Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are among the most common contagious infections in the United States. More »


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Every woman needs full access to quality, affordable reproductive health services.
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