Support for Low-Income Women

Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) is a critical part of our nation’s social contract.

The National Partnership strongly supports this program, and works to level the playing field so low-income women will have more opportunities to escape poverty.

Since passage and then reauthorization of the 1996 federal welfare law, people who need assistance from this program have had a tougher time qualifying for benefits. They are disproportionately women and children.

The National Partnership has focused special attention on making sure that government policies give low-income women and their families the best chance to escape poverty and achieve financial stability.

Our priority is to eliminate the persistent employment barriers so that TANF recipients are able meet their work and family responsibilities. We have:

  • Pushed for increased flexibility in welfare rules to help TANF clients obtain the skills they need for jobs that pay better wages and provide greater economic security;
  • Urged strong enforcement of workplace anti-discrimination laws to ensure that TANF clients are treated fairly when they find a job; and
  • Helped ensure that TANF clients have access to supports such as child care, so they can go to work without putting their children at risk.

    We will continue to help women with the lowest incomes, and their families, access the supports they need to achieve economic security.