Fair Pay

You deserve to be paid fairly. It’s that simple.

One number says it all: women today are still paid only $0.77 for every dollar paid to men. And African American women and Latinas get even less.

In six out of ten families, a mother is the primary or co-breadwinner, so the wage gap makes a huge difference in a family’s economic security. Particularly in these tough economic times, fair pay is crucial.

Consider this: Working women in the United States are paid, on average, more than $11,000 less per year than men. That’s the equivalent of 89 weeks of food expenses or more than one year of rent.

Bottom line: the wage gap hurts women and families.

The current gender wage gap has improved at a rate of less than half a cent per year since 1963. At this rate, the wage gap will not close completely for another four decades.

Can you wait another 40 years for a fair wage? We sure can’t, and we won’t. With your help, we will make wage discrimination a thing of the past.

The Paycheck Fairness Act, currently pending in Congress, would be an important step toward eliminating discriminatory pay practices in the workplace.

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Fair Pay