Quality Care Now Campaign

Studies show that, as a nation, we only get the right care — at the right time and for the right reason — about half the time.

50/50. No better than a flip of the coin. This needs to change.

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Americans for Quality Health Care campaign is comprised of multi-stakeholder alliances and consumer advocates around the country working to improve the quality and safety of health care in this country.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Increase public awareness and demand for health care quality information;
  • Advocate for the development of nationally standardized measures for quality and safety;
  • Advocate for public reporting of health care quality, safety, patient experience, and cost information;
  • Increase consumer/patient knowledge of their health conditions and ability to manage them, including making informed treatment choices;
  • Inform consumers/patients that the quality of health care varies and encourage them to choose (whenever possible) providers based on information about their ability to deliver effective care;
  • Advocate for performance-based incentives to reward quality care;
  • Advocate for research and initiatives that reduce disparities in care; and
  • Ensure the inclusion of the consumer perspective in national health care quality activities.

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