Health Care Reform

It's done. Health reform is the law of the land. More »


Justice Sotomayor

Your voice was heard. More »


Ledbetter Victory

Women are one step closer to equal pay. More »


Children's Health

You did it. CHIP is reauthorized. More »


And More...

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Like you, we know how to get things done. And with you on our side, our impact is both measurable and significant.

Every day, we speak out on your behalf and fight for issues that benefit women and families.

You may know us by our landmark victories, which include the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (1978), Civil Rights Act (1991), Family & Medical Leave Act (1993), California Family Leave Act (2002), and San Francisco Paid Sick Days Ordinance (2006).

Here are some of our recent results. But there is much more to do.

Won’t you join us?

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