Ways to Give » Stock

Donations of securities are an excellent way to make a gift to the National Partnership.

A direct electronic transfer is quick, safe, and can be handled by our broker:

Merrill Lynch
Balboa & Blevins Group
Attn: Christina Hillyer 
Email: christina_hillyer@ml.com
Phone 202-659-6179
Fax 202-470-2280

Account Name: National Partnership for Women & Families
Federal Tax ID: 23-7124915
Account No.: 7WD-04111
DTC #:5198

By transferring appreciated securities, you can avoid paying the capital gains tax on the appreciated value and may be able to take a charitable deduction for the full current value of the stock.

If you choose to donate a gift of stock, please e-mail us describing your gift so that we can properly acknowledge your contribution. The brokerage firm will not automatically release this information. You may also call the National Partnership’s Development Office at (202) 986-2600 to alert us to your gift.