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Take Action

Your voice matters. And yes, one minute or one action makes a difference.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. But don’t just take our word for it.

See some of our recent results and then get involved in a critical campaign below.

Congress: Confirm judges committed to equal justice for all of America's families!
Many of the rights women rely on would not be in place without the rulings the Supreme Court has made throughout history. We need judges who support privacy and equal justice.
Congress: It's Time for Schedules That Work
It's simply unacceptable that millions of people across the country don't know from day to day or week to week whether they will be scheduled to work or what their paychecks will look like.
Congress: Send President Obama the Healthy Families Act!
Urge your members of Congress to support paid sick days!
Congress: Stop pregnancy discrimination! Support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act!
Over the past three decades, too many employers have found ways to flout the Pregnancy Discrimination Act -- and expecting mothers are still being denied reasonable job accommodations or are being forced out of their jobs.
Congress: Support a family friendly America!
It is long past time for workplaces to reflect the needs of 21st century working families.