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Older Americans with multiple health problems are suffering needlessly because our health care system does not effectively coordinate their care.

From harmful drug interactions to duplicate tests and procedures to conflicting diagnoses to contradictory medical instructions, the system is letting them down. Doctors should talk to one another, medical records should be at our fingertips, and patients (and their families) should not have to fend for themselves.

Now that health reform is law, we can begin the hard work of fixing our health care system so everyone realizes the promise of reform.

Learn the facts so you can become an outspoken advocate for better health care coordination in your community!

Facts and Figures

Sometimes the facts speak for themselves. When it comes to our health care system and whether or not it is serving vulnerable older adults and their families the evidence is clear and compelling.

Policy Principles

The Campaign’s policy agenda to improve the health care delivery system will be guided by a core set of principles. Learn more about our specific policy principles and how they will impact real people.

Legislation and Regulation

Stay informed with the most up-to-date information about key legislation and regulations that will affect you, your loved ones, and the vulnerable older patients we want to help!

Additional Resources

  • New Models of Care
    What are the new models of care being tested throughout the country — and how can they help improve your care? Take a look at our overview of home-based primary care, the patient-centered medical home, and other new and innovative programs!
  • Webinars
    Want to go deeper on the policies and issues that define the CBC? Sign up for an upcoming webinar, or watch one on-demand, to learn the very latest from our nation's top experts and thought leaders.
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Did You Know?

Nine in ten older Americans (age 65 +) have at least one chronic health condition, and 77 percent have multiple chronic conditions.

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