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Archived On-Demand Webinars

State Webinar 2011: Better Care, Lower Cost—A Better Way

Watch recordings from this webinar on the patient safety movement and the Partnership for Pateints, featuring Debra L. Ness, Leader, Campaign for Better Care; Dr. Lucian Leape, Adjunct Professor of Health Policy, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health; and Carolyn Clancy, Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Back to the Future: Independence at Home

The Affordable Care Act (PPACA) calls for the implementation of Independence at Home demonstration projects for the highest-cost Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple chronic conditions — a model of care that uses interdisciplinary teams to bring coordinated primary care to older adults in their homes.

Medical Homes in the States: Where We Are Now — Where We Are Going

In this webinar, we discuss the Medical Home model as a vehicle for improving care for our most vulnerable populations, especially seniors and the disabled.