The Urgent Need for Better Care

Health reform is law, but the hard work of fixing our health care system is just beginning. For those with multiple health problems, our current health care system can be a huge challenge.

Consider this: 78% of Americans age 55 and older are dealing with at least one chronic health condition like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis. And older adults with five or more chronic health conditions have an average of 37 doctor visits, see 14 different doctors, and get 50 separate prescriptions each year.

If we can make our health care system work for them, we can make it work for everyone.

Doctors should work together as a team, medical records should be at our fingertips, and patients and families should not be left to fend for themselves.

We get it. There is a better way. It’s what the Campaign for Better Care is all about.

National Consumer Coalition

The Campaign’s National Consumer Coalition is a broad-based coalition of consumer organizations representing diverse constituencies with a direct stake in improving the health, economic security and quality of life for older adults with multiple health conditions and their families. Learn more »

Profile: Christy from St. Louis

A Daughter Protects Her Mother from Dangerous Medical Errors

Why don’t doctors check in with each other when they are treating the same patient?

To Christy, 55, a self-employed performer who cares for her 92-year-old mother, it’s a simple question — but for some reason it has been hard for her to get an answer. Indeed, if Amy’s doctors had just talked with each other about her condition, it would have saved Christy and Amy countless health care headaches, and a lot of heartache too.

After caring for her mother for 11 years, Christy has a lot of stories to tell about how her mother’s doctors don’t communicate with her — or with each other — and how that has made life harder for both Christy and her mother.

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