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Webinar Summary
Back to the Future: Independence at Home

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What Happened?

The Campaign for Better Care held a “webinar” on the Independence at Home program.
Speakers talked about how home-based primary care programs can improve care for the highest risk, highest cost older adults. They also identified key issues to think about during implementation of the health reform law’s Independence at Home program.Speakers included health professionals who provide home-based primary care and representatives of the Independence at Home "House Calls" program and the ElderPAC (Elder Partnership for All-Inclusive Care) program.


Key Information to Know about Independence at Home:

What is it?

  • The Independence at Home program is a new way to provide health care. A team of health care providers (including doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, etc.) works together to deliver comprehensive, coordinated primary care to patients in their homes by making house calls. Yes, that’s right house calls.
  • This new demonstration project created by the health reform law targets the highest risk, highest cost Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions.

Where is it Happening?

  • More than 70 health care organizations in 24 states and the District of Columbia operate Independence at Home-style programs.
  • The Independence at Home demonstration program created by the health reform law will begin January 1, 2012. Under the program, up to 10,000 high risk, high cost Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions may receive comprehensive home-based primary care services.

Why is it a Good Thing?

  • Evidence shows that by better coordinating care, Independence at Home has helped patients avoid trips to the emergency room, hospitalizations, and moves to nursing homes.
  • By targeting services to the highest risk, highest cost patients, Independence at Home has the potential to significantly reduce health care costs.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand!

Visit to watch the webinar, download the presenters’ materials, and learn more about the Campaign’s work to improve care for the most vulnerable older adults with multiple health problems.


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