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Activist Toolkit — Materials

The Campaign for Better Care toolkit is here to provide you with the information you need to spread the word and take action for Better Care! Find supporting materials to enhance your activist projects below.

Materials You Can Use

    Campaign Flyer Download as PDF

    Use this flyer to raise awareness about the Campaign at your, coffee shop, gym, grocery store, local senior center …Anywhere!

    Tell-A-Friend Template Message View as HTMLDownload as PDF

    Ready to email or mail all your friends and invite them to join our movement? We have just the thing to help you!

    Newsletter Article Template View as HTMLDownload as PDF

    Do you subscribe to a local newspaper or newsletter? Our article template is a simple tool you can use to get the Campaign for Better Care featured in your community gazette!

    Sticker Template Download as PDF

    Sending a letter to a friend? Paying your doctor bill? Why not add our Campaign sticker to the envelope and let everyone know that you support Better Care? Just print this document out on Avery labels size 5160 and, voila, you have Campaign for Better Care stickers ready to share!

    Interactive Banner Ad View as HTML

    Give the Campaign a digital boost — just grab the code for our interactive banner ad and add it to your Facebook page, blog or website.

    Campaign for Better Care Widget View as HTML

    Download and embed this widget in your website so your site visitors and blog readers can learn about the Campaign for Better Care.


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