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Conversation Starters

Here are some tips on how to get the discussion going around Campaign for Better Care issues. Watch Rita tell her story (above). Then use one (or all) of these starters and our Campaign Overview to keep the conversation going! This is a great way to introduce others to the Campaign for Better Care and encourage them to sign up to join our crucial work!

Want to bring up better care this holiday season?

Try this: When asked "What's your New Year's resolution?" say, "I've pledged to support the Campaign for Better Care by taking at least 3 actions this year to support better coordinated health care. Will you join me?"

Wondering how to talk about the need for better care coordination with your family and friends?

Try this: The next time someone mentions how great it is to connect with old friends on Facebook, ask "Wouldn't it be great if our doctors could connect as easily?!"

Try this: As you sit down to watch the game with family and friends, say “If only I (or Mom, or Grandpa) had a quarterback to bring all my doctors, nurses, and pharmacists together for such a well coordinated play!”

Try this: If you are providing care for a family member or friend, the next time someone asks how things are going, say “Well, they’d be going a whole lot better if I left the doctor’s office feeling sure about what to do at home and being connected to services and family supports in the community.”

Looking for opportunities to talk about the benefits of health information technology?

Try this: The next time a friend orders something online, ask "Wouldn’t it be great if getting the results of your blood test (or other test) was as easy as ordering gifts online?”

Try this: When you are visiting friends or family and watching digital cable with an on-screen guide, ask “Wouldn’t it be great if you could see your medical records as easily as all the channels and times ‘Law and Order’ will be on?”

Not sure how to talk about the importance of managing multiple prescription medications?

Try this: If you find a cabinet full of prescription medications when visiting a parent or grandparent, ask “If online bookstores can keep track of all of the different books you ordered, why can’t a health team keep track of all the medications our doctors prescribe?”

Need a way to talk about better communication with our health care providers?

Try this: As you reminisce about the good old back to school days, say “You know, when I was in school I learned to speak up for what I need and share my thoughts with others. Somehow, we all seem to forget that lesson as soon as we walk into a doctor’s office!”

Wondering how to bring up the importance of preventive care?

Try this: Strike up a conversation about preparing the house and car for winter, then say “It seems so obvious that this preparation can save us big bucks down the road, I’m so excited that the new health care reform law is also thinking about keeping people safe and saving money by covering preventive services like blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol screening at no extra cost to patients!”

Try this: Are you the tech-support person in your family? Or, do you take advantage of family visits to get your computer’s anti-virus software tuned up? Next time you’re hunched over the computer with a family member say “Thank goodness for this preventive anti-virus software keeping our computers healthy. You know, prevention is even more important for our health and soon we’ll all have access to free preventive care to help keep us healthy!”


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