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How to Talk About the Campaign

We are so excited that you have joined the Campaign for Better Care and are ready to share this crucial campaign with others! Together we are building a strong movement for improved, patient-centered health care!

Here are some key messages to help you talk about the Campaign with friends, family, physicians…ANYONE!

The Campaign for Better Care is focused on several principles based on what older adults with multiple health conditions and their family caregivers most want and need from a patient- and family-centered health care system.

  • GO TEAM! Your care should be coordinated! Right now, patients with five or more medical conditions average 37 doctor visits, with 14 different doctors, and 50 separate prescriptions each year. All of that care needs to be coordinated in order to best serve the patients! Doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients should approach care as a team!
  • I AM THE EXPERT ON ME! Older adults and their caregivers should be full partners in their care. They should have information and support they need so they can manage their conditions and make informed health care decisions.
  • OUT OF SIGHT SHOULDN’T BE OUT OF MIND! Transitions from one health care setting to another often bring undue medical setbacks and confusion for older adults with multiple chronic conditions. As patients leave one setting, such as a hospital, they and their providers should be equipped with all the info they need to make sure they maintain their care after the move.

The next step in health reform
  • One way to think about the Campaign for Better Care is as the next logical step in the health reform process
    • We have made some significant gains toward creating a more patient-centered health care system through the new health care reform law.
    • The Campaign for Better Care is taking the next step -- working to ensure that these gains are implemented in ways that make care better for patients, particularly vulnerable older adults with multiple health problems.
    • We are working at the federal and state levels and wherever the opportunity arises -- to help create a truly patient- and family-centered health care system!

The Campaign for Better Care is building and supporting a MOVEMENT of patients and their families advocating for better, more coordinated and patient-centered care!
  • Our work is about:
    • Talking to patients and families to find out what solutions they need
    • Sharing stories about people’s experiences with the health care system
    • Engaging patients and families in health care advocacy to ensure that we have a strong voice

We are working online and in your community!
  • We need you! Whether you have five minutes or five weeks to give, you can make a difference.
  • Sign up for regular action alerts and Campaign updates via email at
  • Visit to learn more about how you can make a difference, even if you only have a few minutes!
  • The Campaign for Better Care has active state coalitions in 6 states: Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Visit to learn more about our state campaigns and how you can get involved

The Campaign for Better Care is easy to join —
and you can make a lasting difference in the health care of millions of Americans!!!


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