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Take action with the Campaign for Better Care today so that older adults with multiple health problems will get the care they need and their families will get the support and peace of mind they deserve.

Change is possible if we take action together as individuals, families, and communities. We need you! Whether you have five minutes or five hours to give, you can make a difference.

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  • Let's Fix Our Health Care System, Not Unravel Health Reform!
    Congress: Reject any attempts to repeal health reform -- and focus instead on improving care coordination, lowering costs, keeping Medicare strong, and supporting family caregivers and the patients who count on them.

Activist Toolkit

Want to learn more about how you can help the Campaign for Better Care improve coordination in our health care system? Ready to take your activism to the next level?

Our Activist Toolkit has everything you need to spread the word and take action for better care in your community and beyond!

Here you’ll find how-to guides for talking about the Campaign with your community and the media, knowledge building tools to help you understand the key policies we need to achieve better care, and materials you can print and share with your community today!


Interview: Annette from D.C.

Thoughts on our health care system

"I think there are better ways that we can communicate with physicians.

I think that we need to find better ways to ensure that they are communicating with each other. There was a complete break down in communication between the cardiologist and the person that was doing the battery changes.

There was a complete breakdown in follow up in what happened at discharge when [my mother] got to her primary care office, so I think we need to do a better job in making sure everyone’s talking to each other.

We assume they are — and they’re not — and it can lead to some pretty complicated, sometimes very difficult endings."

Watch Annette tell her story