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"Anti-Abortion Activists Trying To Pretend Women in Texas No Longer Have Right To Choose," (Culp-Ressler, "ThinkProgress," Center for American Progress, 8/9); "Planned Parenthood Investigations Uncovering No Wrongdoing," (Wilson, RH Reality Check, 8/6); "I Had an Abortion at Planned Parenthood -- and I'm Not Ashamed," (Rhiannon, Salon, 8/10).

Va. Abortion Facilities Renew Licenses Amid Clinic Regulation Debate
During a meeting about abortion clinic building requirements on Thursday, the Virginia Board of Health announced that all 18 abortion clinics in Virginia have renewed their licenses for the next year, WTOP reports

Featured Blogs
"One in 15 Students at a West Texas High School Has Chlamydia," (Marcotte, "The XX Factor," Slate, 5/5); "Colorado's Top Doctor Seeks Funds for Pregnancy-Prevention Program Rejected by GOP," (Salzman, RH Reality Check, 5/6); "Oklahoma Governor Signs 72-Hour Waiting Period Bill," (Wilson, RH Reality Check, 5/6); "Virginia Attorney General: Abortion Clinics Don't Need To Comply With TRAP Regulations," (Liss-Schultz, RH Reality Check, 5/5).

Washington Post Praises Va. AG's Opinion Knocking Onerous Rules for Existing Abortion Clinics
A Washington Post editorial applauds Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring's (D) "watertight official opinion," which "la[ys] waste" to former state AG Ken Cuccinelli's (R) arguments that a 2011 law requiring abortion clinics to meet "stringent hospital construction standards ... should apply not only to new structures but also to existing ones -- a departure from long-standing practice for health-care facilities" in the state.

Va. AG: State Abortion Clinic Building Standards Should Not Apply to Pre-Existing Facilities
Abortion clinic building standards adopted by Virginia in 2013 cannot apply to pre-existing facilities, according to a legal opinion from state Attorney General Mark Herring (D), the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

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Virginia | In the Courts

This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health in Virginia.

Falls Church Medical Center v. Virginia Board of Health
Challenge to a Virginia Regulation that places stringent standards on the licensing and regulation of abortion facilities.

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