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Group Eyes Lawsuit Over Pittsburgh 'Buffer Zone'
Matt Bowman, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, said that he is "looking very closely into the possibility" of filing suit against an ordinance in Pittsburgh that created a 15-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

Pa. Asks Planned Parenthood for Admitting Privileges Information
Three of Planned Parenthood's Pennsylvania affiliates were mistakenly asked to provide the state with information on their providers' admitting privileges at hospitals, the AP/Washington Times reports.

Op-Ed: Medical Experts, Not Politicians, Should Set Abortion Standards
Legislation requiring abortion providers to obtain hospital staffing privileges, such as a Pennsylvania bill (HB 1762), are "medically unnecessary" and "will not improve women's safety," ob-gyn Rebecca Mercier and emergency-medicine physician Ralph Riviello write in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece.

New Study Undermines Claims About Bans on Abortions Based on Sex
A new study from the University of Chicago refutes many arguments put forth by supporters of banning abortions based on the sex of the fetus, Mother Jones reports.

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