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States Can Combat Antiabortion-Rights Restrictions by Protecting Patient-Provider Relationship
Pennsylvania and several other states have proposed measures that aim to protect "women's access to evidence-based health care" in response to an increase in antiabortion-rights laws targeting the patient-provider relationship, according to a new issue brief in Newsweek from the National Partnership for Women & Families and the Center for American Progress.

Okla. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments over Antiabortion-Rights Law
An Oklahoma Supreme Court referee on Tuesday heard oral arguments in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a state law (SB 642) that imposes multiple restrictions on abortion providers and patients, AP/KJRH reports.

Stakeholders Voice Concerns About Ind. Health Dept. Contract With Antiabortion-Rights Organization
Several stakeholders have expressed concern about a recent decision by the Indiana Department of Health to grant a one-year, $3.5 million contract to an antiabortion-rights organization that counsels women against abortion and provides misleading information about the procedure, the Indianapolis Star reports.

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Majority of Voters in Three Swing States Oppose Efforts To Defund Planned Parenthood
Nearly 70% of voters in New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania oppose a push by lawmakers who do not support abortion rights to defund Planned Parenthood, according to a poll released by Planned Parenthood on Monday, The Hill reports.

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