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Planned Parenthood Sues Idaho Over Telemedicine Abortion Restrictions
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit against Idaho, arguing that two state laws (HB 154, HB 189) restricting telemedicine abortion access are unconstitutional, Reuters reports.

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Report Ranks All 50 States, D.C. on State of Reproductive Rights
Oregon is the best state for reproductive rights, while South Dakota is the worst, according to an Institute for Women's Policy Research report, the Washington Post's "GovBeat" reports.

States Increasingly Passing Antiabortion-Rights Bills Based on 'Junk,' 'Unsubstantiated Science'
This year's legislative session "is shaping up to be a primer in what abortion rights advocates call 'junk science,'" with state lawmakers across the U.S. passing measures "based on theories that have been called into question or debunked by the wider medical community," the Los Angeles Times reports.

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Idaho Gov. Signs Telemedicine Abortion Ban
Idaho Gov. C.L. Otter (R) on Monday signed a bill (HB 154) into law that will require physicians to be physically present when administering medication abortion drugs, AP/KTVB reports.

More Than 300 Antiabortion-Rights Bills Proposed in State Legislatures in First Quarter of 2015
Almost 800 reproductive health-related measures were introduced in state legislatures during the first three months of 2015, about 42% of which were antiabortion-rights bills, according to a Guttmacher Institute report released Thursday, Politico's "Pulse" reports.

Idaho Senate Approves Telemedicine Abortion Ban
The Idaho Senate on Monday approved a bill (HB 154) that would require physicians to be physically present when administering medication abortion drugs, the AP/KTVB reports.

Idaho Bill To Ban Telemedicine Abortion Advances to Governor
The Idaho Senate on Tuesday voted 31-3 to approve a bill (HB 189) that would bar the use of telemedicine in abortion services, the AP/Idaho Statesman reports.

Idaho House Passes Telemedicine Abortion Ban
The Idaho House on Monday voted 55-14 to pass a bill (HB 154) that would bar physicians from using telemedicine in medication abortion care by requiring them to be physically present while administering the drugs, the AP/Idaho Statesman reports.

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Idaho Telemedicine Abortion Ban Advances; Lawmaker Draws Attention With Unusual Question
An Idaho House committee on Monday voted 13-4 to advance a measure (HB 154) that would bar the use of telemedicine in administering medication abortion, the AP/Idaho Statesman reports.

Idaho Medication Abortion Bill Modified at Physicians Group's Request
At the request of a state physicians group, Idaho lawmakers on Tuesday changed language in a proposed antiabortion-rights bill involving medication abortion regulations, Boise State Public Radio reports.

Idaho Senate Comm. Introduces Admitting Privileges Bill
Idaho's Senate Health and Welfare Committee on Thursday voted to introduce legislation (SB 1094) that would require physicians who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 20 miles of the facility where they perform the procedure, the AP/Sacramento Bee reports.

Idaho Bill Would Mandate Medication Abortion Protocols
An Idaho House committee on Thursday voted to introduce legislation (H 88) that would require health care providers to follow certain requirements when prescribing medication abortion, Northwest Public Radio reports.

Many States Fail To Meet Women's Health Needs, Disparities Persist
Massachusetts ranks as the best state in the U.S. for meeting women's health needs, while Mississippi is the worst state, according to the Alliance for a Just Society's 2014 Women's Health Report Card, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Abortion-Rights Opponents Succeeding With State-Level Bans on Abortion Coverage
Although a federal bill restricting abortion coverage is not expected to advance beyond the House, abortion-rights opponents have prohibited most health plans from offering such coverage in many states, Mother Jones reports.

States 0-8 in Court Challenges Over Antiabortion Laws
States facing court challenges over abortion restrictions enacted this year have lost in every case that has reached a judge, Bloomberg reports.

Idaho House Rejects Amendment Banning Emergency Contraception From Health Exchange Plans
The Idaho House on Wednesday voted 38-32 to reject an amendment that would have prohibited health plans offered in a state-based health insurance exchange from covering emergency contraception, the AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Bills To Ban Abortion Gain Prominence Among State Conservatives
In a shift from past decades, abortion-rights opponents have increasingly focused on state legislation banning abortion after certain points in pregnancy, ABC News reports.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Idaho 20-Week Abortion Ban, Other Statutes
A federal judge this week ruled that a 2011 Idaho law prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy is unconstitutional on the grounds that it violates the principles of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, Reuters reports.

States in 2012 Passed Second-Highest Number of Abortion Restrictions Ever, Guttmacher Finds
States passed 43 abortion restrictions in 2012, a "sharp decrease" from 2011 but nonetheless the "second-highest number" enacted in a single year, according to a new study by the Guttmacher Institute, The Hill's "Healthwatch" reports.

Texas Gov. Perry Calls for 20-Week Abortion Ban; New Suits Filed Over Women's Health Program
Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Tuesday voiced his support for legislation that would ban abortion in the state after 20 weeks of gestation, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Appeals Court Issues Mixed Decision on Idaho 'Fetal Pain,' Self-Induced Abortion Laws
An appeals court on Tuesday said an Idaho woman does not have grounds to challenge the state's "fetal pain" abortion law, but she should not be prosecuted for ending her own pregnancy under a separate law that likely is unconstitutional, The Hill's "Healthwatch" reports.

Most State 'Fetal Pain' Bills Yet To Face Court Challenges
Several states have enacted abortion bans later in pregnancy based on the disputed theory that a fetus can feel pain after 20 weeks of gestation, but only one has been challenged in court, Politico reports.

High Number of State Abortion Restrictions Marked by Increased Focus on 'Fetal Pain' Bills
The number of state-level abortion restrictions is approaching record-setting levels again this year, a fact that some abortion-rights opponents attribute to their increased focus on so-called "fetal pain" legislation, Stateline/Kaiser Health News reports.

U.S. Circuit Court Set To Hear Challenge to Idaho Abortion Law
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on July 9 is scheduled to hear a case that challenges the constitutionality of an Idaho law that makes it illegal for state residents to obtain medication abortion drugs from out-of-state doctors through the Internet, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Supposed Threats to 'Religious Freedom' Really About Access to Contraception, Women's Advocates Say
Although opponents of the federal contraceptive coverage rules claim their fight is about "religious freedom," women's and family planning groups say opponents' true objective is to restrict access to contraception, Kaiser Health News/Sacramento Bee reports.

Idaho Lawyer Hopes To Become Plaintiff in Lawsuit Challenging 'Fetal Pain,' Self-Induced Abortion Laws
An Idaho lawyer who is representing a woman challenging state antiabortion laws is attempting to enter the case as a plaintiff, the AP/Yahoo! News reports.

Idaho Pre-Abortion Ultrasound Bill Appears Finished for This Year
On Tuesday, the sponsor of an Idaho bill (SB 1387) that would mandate ultrasounds before abortions said he would not schedule a committee hearing on the measure, meaning it is likely finished for this year, the AP/Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Idaho House Approves Resolution Opposing Federal Contraceptive Coverage Rules
The Idaho House on Friday approved a nonbinding resolution urging President Obama and Congress to invalidate the federal contraceptive coverage rules, the AP/Idaho Press-Tribune reports.

Idaho House Republicans Uncertain About Prospects for Ultrasound Bill
After cancelling a committee hearing on a bill (SB 1387) that would mandate ultrasounds before abortion care, Idaho House Republicans said they are unsure if the measure will advance during the current legislative session, the AP/Idaho Statesman reports.

Idaho Senate Passes Ultrasound Bill
The Idaho Senate on Monday voted 23-12 to approve a bill (SB 1387) that would require a woman to receive an ultrasound before an abortion, Reuters reports.

Idaho Senate Committee Advances Bill Mandating Pre-Abortion Ultrasound
The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee last week approved a bill that would require a woman seeking abortion care to first receive an ultrasound, the Twin Falls Times-News reports.

Idaho Lawmaker Removes Reference to Vaginal Ultrasounds From Bill
Idaho Senate Assistant Majority Leader Chuck Winder (R) said he has removed a reference to vaginal ultrasounds from an antiabortion-rights bill because "it was confusing," the Spokane Spokesman-Review reports

Idaho Bill Targets Contraceptive Coverage
Idaho lawmakers on Monday agreed to amend a measure (H0 530) designed to let employers bypass federal contraceptive coverage rules, the AP/San Antonio Express-News reports.

Idaho Woman Wins Court Order Against Self-Induced Abortion Law
U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill on Friday ruled in favor of an Idaho woman who was charged with violating a decades-old state law prohibiting self-induced abortion after she terminated her own pregnancy using pills purchased over the Internet, Reuters reports.

Idaho Woman Challenges 'Fetal Pain,' Self-Induced Abortion Laws
An Idaho woman who terminated her own pregnancy with medication purchased over the Internet has filed a lawsuit challenging a new state law banning abortion after 20 weeks of gestation, as well as a decades-old state law prohibiting self-induced abortion, Reuters reports.

Idaho | In the Courts

This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health in Idaho.

McCormack v. Hiedeman
Federal court challenge to an Idaho 1972 criminal abortion restriction and 20-week ban by a woman who was prosecuted under the law for self-inducing an abortion.