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Idaho Senate Approves Telemedicine Abortion Ban
The Idaho Senate on Monday approved a bill (HB 154) that would require physicians to be physically present when administering medication abortion drugs, the AP/KTVB reports.

Idaho Bill To Ban Telemedicine Abortion Advances to Governor
The Idaho Senate on Tuesday voted 31-3 to approve a bill (HB 189) that would bar the use of telemedicine in abortion services, the AP/Idaho Statesman reports.

Idaho House Passes Telemedicine Abortion Ban
The Idaho House on Monday voted 55-14 to pass a bill (HB 154) that would bar physicians from using telemedicine in medication abortion care by requiring them to be physically present while administering the drugs, the AP/Idaho Statesman reports.

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Idaho Telemedicine Abortion Ban Advances; Lawmaker Draws Attention With Unusual Question
An Idaho House committee on Monday voted 13-4 to advance a measure (HB 154) that would bar the use of telemedicine in administering medication abortion, the AP/Idaho Statesman reports.

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Idaho | In the Courts

This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health in Idaho.

McCormack v. Hiedeman
Federal court challenge to an Idaho 1972 criminal abortion restriction and 20-week ban by a woman who was prosecuted under the law for self-inducing an abortion.

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