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States Increasingly Passing Antiabortion-Rights Bills Based on 'Junk,' 'Unsubstantiated Science'
This year's legislative session "is shaping up to be a primer in what abortion rights advocates call 'junk science,'" with state lawmakers across the U.S. passing measures "based on theories that have been called into question or debunked by the wider medical community," the Los Angeles Times reports.

Op-Ed: 'Latest Wave' of Antiabortion-Rights Laws 'Based on Bad Medicine'
"The latest wave of state legislation to restrict abortion access is based on bad medicine and would prevent doctors from providing medical care based on their judgment of what's best for each patient," Vanessa Cullins, vice president for external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, writes in an opinion piece for The Hill's "Congress Blog."

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Abortion-Rights Supporters Express Concern Over 'Surge' of Antiabortion-Rights State Legislation
Abortion-rights advocates have been monitoring a "surge" in antiabortion-rights bills in several states over the last five years, saying that the increase in such measures is linked to conservative lawmakers gaining more seats at the state level, as well as model state legislation developed by Americans United for Life, CQ HealthBeat News reports.

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Arizona | In the Courts

This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health in Arizona.

NAACP v. Horne
Federal court challenge to a 2011 Arizona law that requires providers to certify that a patient's reasons for seeking abortion care are unrelated to the race or sex of the fetus.

Planned Parenthood Arizona Incorporated et al v. Humble
Federal court challenge to Arizona statute and implementing regulations that impose restrictions on medication abortion and force abortion clinics to administer medication in an outdated manner.

Planned Parenthood Arizona Incorporated et al v. Humble
State court challenge to an Arizona law and related regulations that impose restrictions on medication abortion and force abortion clinics to administer medication in an outdated manner.

Isaacson v. Horne
Challenge to an unconstitutional Arizona law that prohibits abortion after 20 weeks following the woman's last menstrual period.

Planned Parenthood Arizona v. Betlach
Challenge brought in federal court to Arizona law that prohibits public family planning funds from going to abortion providers or entities affiliated with abortion providers.

Planned Parenthood Arizona v. Horne
Challenge to 2010 Arizona abortion clinic licensing regulations that effectively prohibit qualified nurse practitioners from providing first-trimester surgical abortion and medication abortion, prohibit qualified physician assistants from providing medication abortion, and impose medically unnecessary and inappropriate clinical requirements on the provision of medication abortion.

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