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A number of state legislatures and organizations put barriers between women and abortion care by directly interfering with a woman's medical care. Crisis Pregnancy Centers exist to interfere with women’s access to abortion. They attract women by presenting themselves as medical clinics, but do not provide contraception or abortion services or referrals. Instead, they provide women with false information about the risks of abortion, and attempt to dissuade them from accessing abortion care. Recently, there have been attempts to regulate Crisis Pregnancy Centers and require them to provide information about what they do and do not provide. Unfortunately, these attempts have been struck down by the courts.

Mo. House Advances Parental Involvement Measure
he Missouri House on Tuesday passed a separate bill (HB 1192) that would require minors to notify both parents that they plan to have an abortion at least five days before the procedure, the AP/ABC News reports.

Proposed Changes to S.D. Pre-Abortion Counseling Law Head to Gov.
The South Dakota Senate on Tuesday approved a measure (HB 1180) that would modify the state's pre-abortion counseling and mandatory delay law by prohibiting crisis pregnancy centers from affiliating with adoption agencies, the Rapid City Journal reports.

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"Crisis Pregnancy Center Attacks College Student for Criticizing Its Tactics: 'Put on Your Big Girl Panties'" (Culp-Ressler, "ThinkProgress," Center for American Progress, 12/9).

Undercover Footage Reveals Va. CPC Staff Providing False Information About Abortion, Contraception
An advocate from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has secretly recorded a counseling session at a Virginia crisis pregnancy center, capturing staff members presenting false information about contraception and abortion, Salon reports.

Ohio Women Rally Against State Budget's Abortion Restrictions
Women's rights advocates rallied at the Ohio Statehouse on Wednesday against state budget provisions that they said are threatening women's health and rights, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers | In the Courts

This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health related to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Expectant Mother Care Pregnancy Centers v. City of New York
A crisis pregnancy center brought suit to enjoin the enactment of a New York City ordinance that regulated information provided by crisis pregnancy centers.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota v. Daugaard
Challenge to a South Dakota law that would require a woman to wait seventy-two hours between her initial physician consultation and the abortion, force her to visit a crisis pregnancy center before abortion care, and require abortion providers to tell patients about any possible risk factor that have been published in any medical or psychological journal since 1972, including risks that have been roundly rejected by mainstream medicine.

Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, Inc. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore
Crisis pregnancy centers and Catholic leaders filed a lawsuit against a Baltimore City Council ordinance that required crisis pregnancy centers to disclose whether they provided emergency contraception or abortion services.

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