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Abortion: Crisis Pregnancy Centers | In the News

A number of state legislatures and organizations put barriers between women and abortion care by directly interfering with a woman's medical care. Crisis Pregnancy Centers exist to interfere with women’s access to abortion. They attract women by presenting themselves as medical clinics, but do not provide contraception or abortion services or referrals. Instead, they provide women with false information about the risks of abortion, and attempt to dissuade them from accessing abortion care. Recently, there have been attempts to regulate Crisis Pregnancy Centers and require them to provide information about what they do and do not provide. Unfortunately, these attempts have been struck down by the courts.

Op-Ed: State Abortion Restrictions About Controlling Women, Not Safety
The trend of state lawmakers passing antiabortion-rights measures under the guise of protecting women's safety is "a tiresome, fill-in-the-blank news story," columnist Patt Morrison writes in the Los Angeles Times.

Calif. Assembly Advances Bill To Protect Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Misinformation
The California Assembly Judiciary Committee last week approved a bill (AB 775) that aims to protect women from receiving certain misleading information from crisis pregnancy centers, according to a column in the Los Angeles Times' "California Journal."

Calif. Lawmakers Propose Bill To Crack Down on Misinformation by Crisis Pregnancy Centers
California lawmakers have introduced a bill (AB 775) that aims to ensure antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers do not provide women with misleading information, the Bay City News reports.

Texas Lawmakers Propose Budget Amendments To Defund Alternatives to Abortion Program
Texas lawmakers have filed several amendments to the state budget (HB 1) that aim to defund the state's Alternatives to Abortion program, the Texas Tribune reports.

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NARAL Calif. Leader: Undercover Investigation Shows Prevalence of 'Misleading' CPC Tactics
An undercover investigation by NARAL Pro-Choice California found that antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers provide pregnant women with "false and manipulative rhetoric and much more," Amy Everitt, state director of the group and the NARAL Pro-Choice California Foundation, writes in an opinion piece for the Sacramento Bee's "Soapbox."

NPR: States Direct Funding to Antiabortion-Rights Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Some states that are working to cut funding for women's health clinics like Planned Parenthood are also boosting support for antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers, NPR's "Shots" reports.

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Federal Judge Upholds San Francisco Ban on Misleading, False Ads by Crisis Pregnancy Centers
A federal judge on Friday rejected a lawsuit challenging a 2011 San Francisco ordinance (212-11) that bars antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers from using misleading or false advertising, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Ban on Abortion After Fetal Down Syndrome Diagnosis Among Ohio Proposals
Conservative Ohio lawmakers plan to introduce legislation that would prohibit a woman from obtaining an abortion if the fetus has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

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Supreme Court Leaves NYC Crisis Pregnancy Center Rule Intact
The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal challenging part of a New York City law (Int. 371) that requires antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers to disclose more information about who provides their services, Reuters reports.

Column: Mich. Legislature Funds CPCs While Ignoring 'Public Health Needs'
The Michigan Legislature "hasn't shown much interest in the state's shockingly high rate of unplanned pregnancy, and infant and maternal death," but it recently "approved an $800,000 contract in the 2014-15 budget 'to promote childbirth,' alternatives to abortion and abstinence education at crisis pregnancy centers," Detroit News columnist Laura Berman writes.

Austin Crisis Pregnancy Center Law Struck Down
A federal judge on Monday struck down an Austin, Texas, ordinance that required antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers to display signs publicizing that they do not provide medical care, the AP/Washington Times reports.

Mo. House Advances Parental Involvement Measure
he Missouri House on Tuesday passed a separate bill (HB 1192) that would require minors to notify both parents that they plan to have an abortion at least five days before the procedure, the AP/ABC News reports.

Proposed Changes to S.D. Pre-Abortion Counseling Law Head to Gov.
The South Dakota Senate on Tuesday approved a measure (HB 1180) that would modify the state's pre-abortion counseling and mandatory delay law by prohibiting crisis pregnancy centers from affiliating with adoption agencies, the Rapid City Journal reports.

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Undercover Footage Reveals Va. CPC Staff Providing False Information About Abortion, Contraception
An advocate from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has secretly recorded a counseling session at a Virginia crisis pregnancy center, capturing staff members presenting false information about contraception and abortion, Salon reports.

Ohio Women Rally Against State Budget's Abortion Restrictions
Women's rights advocates rallied at the Ohio Statehouse on Wednesday against state budget provisions that they said are threatening women's health and rights, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

Ohio Democrats Say Antiabortion Budget Provisions Among 'Most Aggressive' in U.S.
Four Ohio House Democrats last week heard testimony on concerns regarding abortion restrictions in the state budget that will take effect at the end of September, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

W.Va. Rally Protests Abortion Clinic Regulations; State Lawmaker Launches CPC Investigation
Around 300 abortion-rights supporters rallied at the West Virginia Capitol on Tuesday to protest Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's (R) review of state abortion regulations, the Charleston Gazette reports.

Undercover Footage Reveals Va. CPC Staff Providing False Information About Abortion, Contraception
An advocate from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has secretly recorded a counseling session at a Virginia crisis pregnancy center, capturing staff members presenting false information about contraception and abortion, Salon reports.

R.I. Gov. Vetoes 'Choose Life' License Plates
Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D) on Tuesday vetoed a bill (H 5053) that would have allowed residents to donate money to a Christian crisis pregnancy center by purchasing specialty license plates with the message "Choose Life," the Providence Journal reports.

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Appeals Court Expresses Skepticism Over Ariz. Law Barring Planned Parenthood Funding
Two federal appeals court judges on Wednesday were skeptical of a challenge to a February ruling that struck down an Arizona law (HB 2800) barring the distribution of family planning funds to organizations that provide abortions, the Seymour Tribune reports.

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Ohio Senate Approves Budget To Restrict Abortion Clinics, Cut Funds for Planned Parenthood, Rape Crisis Centers
The Ohio Senate on Thursday passed a state budget proposal (HB 59) that would add new restrictions on abortion providers and cut funding to Planned Parenthood and rape crisis centers, the Huffington Post reports.

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Gain Sway Within Antiabortion-Rights Movement
Crisis pregnancy centers -- aided by new strategies, state funding and legislative support -- are playing an increasingly influential role in the movement to restrict abortion-rights, the New York Times reports.

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Federal Appeals Court in Md. Rehears Pregnancy Center Cases
A federal appeals court on Thursday questioned lawyers in two lawsuits claiming that regulations in Baltimore and Montgomery County, Md., requiring crisis pregnancy centers to post disclaimers violate the centers' First Amendment rights, the AP/WTOP reports.

Antiabortion Crisis Pregnancy Center To Open Across From Minn. Abortion Clinic
Abortion-rights opponents recently received approval to build a crisis pregnancy center in Duluth, Minn., across from the area's only abortion provider, the Women's Health Center, the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead reports.

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Md. Crisis Pregnancy Center Regulations
A federal appeals court on Wednesday affirmed that regulations in Baltimore and Montgomery County, Md., requiring crisis pregnancy centers to post disclaimers are unconstitutional, the Washington Post's "Maryland Politics" reports.

Judge Allows Some Parts of S.D. Abortion Law To Take Effect
A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that South Dakota may begin requiring physicians to ask women various screening questions before an abortion, but other provisions in the same law will remain blocked until she rules on a lawsuit challenging the statute, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Mo. House Approves Bill To Ban Regulating CPCs Speech, Advertising
The Missouri House on Tuesday gave first round approval to a bill (HB 1357) that would prohibit local governments from passing laws aimed to protect consumers by restricting the statements of crisis pregnancy centers, AP/KAIT reports.

Federal Court Hears Argument Over Md. Crisis Pregnancy Center Laws
On Friday, a three-judge panel of a federal appeals court heard arguments on the constitutionality of ordinances in two Maryland communities that require crisis pregnancy centers to post signs stating that they do not offer medical care, the AP/Baltimore Sun reports.

S.D. Senate Approves Bill To Modify Abortion Counseling, Waiting Period Law
The South Dakota Senate on Thursday voted 26-7 to pass a bill (HB 1254) that would alter a 2011 law that mandates a 72-hour waiting period and counseling at a crisis pregnancy center before abortion care, the AP/NECN reports.

S.D. Committee Proposes Changes to CPC Counseling Requirement
The South Dakota House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted 10-2 to approve a bill (HB 1254) that would alter a state law requiring women to obtain counseling at crisis pregnancy centers and wait 72 hours before receiving abortion care, the AP/Sioux Falls Argus Leader reports.

S.D. House Panel Kills Measure To Ban False Advertising by Crisis Pregnancy Centers
A South Dakota House committee on Thursday unanimously rejected a bill that would have prohibited false advertising by crisis pregnancy centers, the AP/NECN reports.

Federal Judge Allows Two Crisis Pregnancy Centers To Enter Case Against S.D. Abortion Law
U.S. District Chief Judge Karen Schreier has allowed two crisis pregnancy centers to intervene in a court case involving a South Dakota law that requires women seeking an abortion to wait 72 hours before the procedure, the Aberdeen News reports.

Texas Cuts Family Planning Funds While Boosting 'Abortion Alternatives' Program
The Texas Legislature last month voted to cut funding for family planning services by two-thirds and increase the budget for the state's Alternatives to Abortion Services program by $300,000 for each of the next two fiscal years, the Texas Tribune/New York Times reports.

S.D. 72-Hour Waiting Period Law Temporarily Blocked
U.S. District Chief Judge Karen Schreier on Thursday granted a preliminary injunction against a South Dakota law that would require women to obtain counseling at crisis pregnancy centers and wait 72 hours before receiving abortion care, the AP/Washington Post reports.

Planned Parenthood Takes Up Multiple Legal Challenges Nationwide
Planned Parenthood is fighting an "increasingly aggressive campaign" against legislation in several states that restricts abortion rights or cuts off funding to the organization, Politico reports.

Abortion: Crisis Pregnancy Centers | In the Courts

This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health related to Abortion: Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Expectant Mother Care Pregnancy Centers v. City of New York
Federal court challenge to a New York City ordinance that regulates information provided by crisis pregnancy centers.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota v. Daugaard
Challenge to a South Dakota law that would require a woman to wait seventy-two hours between her initial physician consultation and the abortion, force her to visit a crisis pregnancy center before abortion care, and require abortion providers to tell patients about any possible risk factor that have been published in any medical or psychological journal since 1972, including risks that have been roundly rejected by mainstream medicine.

Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, Inc. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore
Crisis pregnancy centers and Catholic leaders filed a lawsuit against a Baltimore City Council ordinance that required crisis pregnancy centers to disclose whether they provided emergency contraception or abortion services.