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Many states have or are considering laws that allow health providers to refuse to provide certain medical services that violate their moral or religious beliefs. Although these laws originally focused primarily on abortion and sterilization services, in recent years they have been expanding. States have passed laws to allow pharmacists to refuse to provide emergency contraception to women who need it, and current efforts have focused on allowing medical professionals to deny access to contraception and other medical care with which they disagree. These provisions put women’s health at risk, and are especially dangerous for women in rural areas or small towns where there are few medical providers or pharmacies.

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"The Power of Making Abortion Personal" (Green, The Atlantic, 1/8)

Featured Blogs
"The Power of Making Abortion Personal" (Green, The Atlantic, 1/8); "Oregon Kicks 2016 Off by Allowing Over-the-Counter Birth Control" (Patton, Care2, 1/10).

Pharmacists Petition SCOTUS To Overturn Wash. Rules on Dispensing Emergency Contraception
A group of pharmacists on Monday petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that upheld a Washington state law requiring pharmacies to dispense emergency contraception, regardless of whether owners have religious objections, AP/Modern Healthcare reports.

Obama Administration Urges SCOTUS To Strike Down Texas' HB 2
The Obama administration on Monday urged the Supreme Court to strike down contested provisions in Texas' omnibus antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), the Wall Street Journal reports.

Fla. Health Officials, Clinic Near Settlement Agreement
An administrative law judge has canceled a hearing for a Florida abortion clinic that state officials claim is incorrectly interpreting the definition of second-trimester abortions, the News Service of Florida/Tampa Tribune reports.

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This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health related to Refusal Provisions.

Stormans, Inc. v. Selecky
Federal court challenge to a Washington law that requires all pharmacies to carry and deliver prescription drugs, including emergency contraception.

Morr-Fitz, Inc. v. Quinn
State court challenge to an Illinois law brought in state court by anti-choice pharmacists that requires pharmacists to fill prescriptions for contraception.

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