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Abortion: Private and Public Coverage | In the News

States continue to pass new restrictions on insurance coverage for abortion regardless of whether a woman receives her insurance from the government, including Medicaid, or from a private insurer. Some of these restrictions would be applied to the health care exchanges being created under federal health care reform.

Texas Bill To Ban ACA Marketplace Abortion Coverage Dies in State House
The Texas House on Tuesday did not approve a bill (SB 575) that would have prohibited most abortion coverage in plans sold through the state's federally operated health insurance marketplace by a legislative deadline, effectively killing the measure for the legislative session, the Texas Tribune reports.

Texas Legislature Advances Bills Adding Restrictions to Parental Involvement Law, Banning Abortion Coverage
The Texas Senate on Monday voted 21-10 to give preliminary approval to a bill (HB 3994) that would tighten a state law permitting pregnant minors to obtain a court's permission to have an abortion instead of obtaining parental consent for the procedure, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Aetna Agrees To Pay $4.5M for Violating Mo. Abortion, Autism Coverage Requirements
Aetna has agreed to pay $4.5 million for violating Missouri law including paying for abortion care for women who were not eligible for the coverage under their health insurance policies, according to an announcement from Gov. Jay Nixon (D) on Tuesday, AP/U-T San Diego reports.

Report Ranks All 50 States, D.C. on State of Reproductive Rights
Oregon is the best state for reproductive rights, while South Dakota is the worst, according to an Institute for Women's Policy Research report, the Washington Post's "GovBeat" reports.

Iowa Gov.'s Budget Would Scrap Policy Granting Him Authority To Decide Medicaid Coverage for Abortions
Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad's (R) proposed state Department of Human Services budget would not continue a policy that requires the governor to approve Medicaid claims for abortions on an individual basis, the AP/Columbus Republic reports.

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Abortion: Private and Public Coverage | In the Courts

This section provides a brief overview of significant cases impacting reproductive rights and health related to Abortion: Private and Public Coverage.

ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri v. Praeger
Federal court challenge to a Kansas law that prohibits insurance coverage of abortion and abortion-related services.

Walker v. Jesson
Demand for declaratory and injunctive relief against the state Department of Human Services (DHS), accusing DHS of using public funds to pay for non-therapeutic abortions for indigent women.

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest v. Streur
State court challenge to Alaska Department of Health and Social Services regulations and statute that severely restrict the circumstances under which the state will provide Medicaid coverage for medically necessary abortions.

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