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The majority of state attacks on reproductive health have targeted access to abortion care. Some efforts are bans on specific procedures or bans based on gestational age or the reasons the woman is seeking an abortion. Insurance coverage for abortion has also come under attack with laws limiting both private and public coverage. Other efforts put barriers between women and abortion care by interfering with aspects of a woman's medical care, for example with medication abortion and TRAP laws. This includes requiring medically unnecessary procedures, such as mandatory ultrasounds, as well as waiting periods, biased counseling and parental involvement laws, all of which delay or impede women from accessing abortion services and add significant emotional stress and expense to the process. This also includes laws and litigation around crisis pregnancy centers (CPC), which interfere with women's access to adequate health care services.

Report: Majority of Women Cannot Access Abortion Coverage in ACA Marketplaces
About 60% of U.S. women who qualify for tax credits under the Affordable Care Act (PL 111-148) are unable to access a plan that covers abortion through the law's marketplaces, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation report released on Wednesday, The Hill reports.

Wyo. Bill Would Require Ultrasound, Fetal Heartbeat Information Before Abortion
A bill that would require abortion providers in Wyoming to tell women they have the option to view an ultrasound of the fetus and hear its heartbeat before an abortion was introduced in the state House on Tuesday, the AP/Washington Times reports.

W.Va. Lawmaker Refiles 20-Week Abortion Ban
West Virginia Delegate David Perry (D) on Tuesday reintroduced a measure (HB 2153) that would ban abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy unless the woman is having a medical emergency, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.

La. Rejects Planned Parenthood Clinic's Application To Provide Abortion Services
The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals earlier this month rejected Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast's application to provide abortion services at a New Orleans health center that is scheduled to open later in 2015, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Iowa Sen. Introduces Two Antiabortion-Rights Measures for 2015 Session
An Iowa senator has introduced two antiabortion-rights measures for the 2015 legislative session, the Des Moines Register reports.

Ark. Legislators Introduce Bills To Ban Telemedicine Abortion Services
Arkansas lawmakers on Thursday proposed bills (SB 53, HB 1076) that would require physicians to administer medication abortion drugs in person and mandate in-person follow-ups, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports

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Judge Rules To Maintain Hold on La. Admitting Privileges Law During Legal Challenge
A federal judge in Louisiana on Thursday said he will not drop a temporary order barring the state from enforcing an admitting privileges law (HB 388) while a legal challenge against the statute continues, the AP/Miami Herald reports.

Mont. Lawmakers Drafting Bills To Restrict Abortion Rights, But Gov. Resists Measures
Various Montana lawmakers are drafting legislation that would increase restrictions on abortion in the state, but Gov. Steve Bullock (D) is not likely to sign such measures, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports.

Kan. Antiabortion-Rights Group Introduces Bill To Ban Certain Second-Trimester Abortions
The antiabortion-rights group Kansans for Life is pushing legislation that would prohibit physicians from performing certain abortion procedures, the Wichita Eagle reports.

Ind. Bill Would Ban Abortions Based on Sex of Fetus, Genetic Defects
Indiana Sen. Travis Holdman (R) has proposed a bill (SB 334) that would ban abortions sought because of the sex of the fetus or the diagnosis or "potential diagnosis" of a genetic defect, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Hundreds Rally in Nashville To Support Women's Rights
About 500 to 600 people rallied in Nashville on Tuesday in support of access to women's health services and against proposed abortion restrictions as the Tennessee Legislature convened for its 2015 session, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

Appeals Court Hears Oral Arguments Over N.D., Ark. Early Abortion Bans
A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard back-to-back cases on Tuesday over the constitutionality of a North Dakota law (HB 1456) that banned abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected and an Arkansas law (Act 301) that banned the procedures at 12 weeks of pregnancy, the AP/Miami Herald reports.

Va. Gov., Women's Rights Coalition Outline Legislative Agendas
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Monday unveiled his Equal Opportunity legislative agenda, which includes legislative proposals that range from protections for abortion rights to addressing college sexual assaults and domestic violence, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

N.Y. Senate Passes Women's Equality Bills, Excludes Abortion-Rights Measure
The GOP-controlled New York Senate on Monday unanimously approved eight out of nine remaining bills in the package known as the Women's Equality Act but did not take up an abortion-rights measure, setting up another potential stalemate with the state Assembly, the AP/Auburn Citizen reports.

Ky. Senate Advances Mandatory Counseling Bill
The Kentucky Senate on Friday voted 30-5 to pass legislation (SB 4) that would require women to undergo in-person mandatory counseling with a physician or physician designee at least 24 hours before an abortion, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

Tenn. Sen. Proposes Mandatory Counseling Measure To Replace Previously Invalidated Law
A Tennessee state senator has proposed a measure (SB 13) that would require abortion providers to provide abortion patients with certain information before the procedure, the Rutherford County Daily News Journal reports.

Kan. Medical Board Rules Not To Reinstate Medical License of Former Tiller Colleague
Kansas' medical board has decided not to reinstate the medical license of physician Ann Kristin Neuhaus after finding that she kept inadequate records while providing second opinions to the late George Tiller for abortion patients, KMBC reports.

Conservatives Pushing for Abortion Restrictions on Federal, State Level
Abortion-rights opponents are pushing more abortion restrictions this year after conservative lawmakers gained control of both chambers of Congress and two-thirds of state legislatures in last year's midterm election, Politico reports.

Protests Highlight Texas Antiabortion-Rights Law's Disproportionate Effect on Latinas
Abortion-rights supporters from several states on Wednesday held demonstrations after the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in a case challenging a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) to spotlight how the law disproportionately affects Latinas, the Latin Post reports.

N.D. Supreme Court Declines To Reconsider Medication Abortion Case
The North Dakota Supreme Court said this week that it will not rehear arguments regarding a 2014 ruling that upheld a law (HB 1297) effectively banning medication abortions in the state, the AP/Bellingham Herald reports.

N.H. Bill Would Defund All Facilities That Perform, Refer Patients for Abortion
A bill introduced in the New Hampshire Legislature this session could defund family planning and health centers across the state, Foster's Daily Democrat reports.

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Appeals Court Hears Oral Arguments Over Parts of Texas Antiabortion-Rights Law
A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday heard arguments over the constitutionality of parts of a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) that would close more than 50% of the state's remaining abortion clinics if implemented, the New York Times reports.

Conflicting Federal Rulings on Abortion Laws Could Prompt Supreme Court Review
Conflicting federal court rulings on state abortion restrictions suggest that the Supreme Court might hear a case to settle whether the laws impose an "undue burden" on women seeking the procedure, Politico reports.

Abortion-Rights Group Seeks Records on Ohio's Communications With Antiabortion-Rights Organization
The NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation has filed a lawsuit asking the state Supreme Court to require the Ohio Department of Health to release public records related to the department's communication with an antiabortion-rights group, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

Kan. Lawmakers Could Consider Abortion Ban, Mandatory Delay Bills
Kansas lawmakers could soon consider proposals that would ban most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detectable and require a mandatory delay of three days before a woman can obtain an abortion, the AP/Johnson County Legal Record reports.

Women's Equality Act Likely To Resurface on N.Y. 2015 Legislative Agenda
The New York Legislature in the 2015 session is expected to again consider Gov. Andrew Cuomo's (D) Women's Equality Act, which failed to pass in its entirety in previous sessions, the Buffalo News reports.

Fla. Legislators Introduce Admitting Privileges Bill
Two Florida lawmakers have proposed a bill (HB 147) that would require abortion providers in the state to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of the facility where they practice, the Palm Beach Post's "Post On Politics" reports.

States Increasingly 'Hostile' To Abortion Rights in Recent Years, Guttmacher Report Finds
States passed 231 antiabortion-rights laws from 2011 to 2014, during which time the number of states deemed "extremely hostile" to abortion rights has increased more than threefold, according to a new report by the Guttmacher Institute, the Washington Post's "GovBeat" reports.

Texas Lawmakers Plan Additional Abortion Restrictions, Provider Requirements
Texas lawmakers who oppose abortion rights plan to propose additional abortion restrictions and clinic regulations during the 2015 state legislative session, the San Angelo Standard-Times reports.

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Debates Over 20-Week Abortion Ban Proposals, Other Abortion Restrictions Likely in 2015
Congress, state legislatures and potentially the Supreme Court are expected to take up debates over abortion rights in 2015, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Groups Converge To Back Proactive Reproductive Health Agenda
bout 60 women's health organizations have formed a coalition to urge state lawmakers to back policies supporting women's health and reproductive rights, the Latin Post reports.

L.A. Times: Appeals Court 'Made the Right Decision' in Striking Down N.C. Ultrasound Law
The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals "made the right decision ... when it struck down a key provision in a North Carolina law [HB 854] requiring doctors to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions and then both show and describe the sonogram images to them," a Los Angeles Times editorial argues.

Appeals Court: N.C. Coercive Ultrasound Law Unconstitutional
A three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday unanimously upheld a lower court's ruling that struck down part of a 2011 North Carolina Law (HB 854) requiring doctors to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions and describe the images to them, even if they avert their eyes or cover their ears, Reuters reports.

Federal Judge To Decide Pittsburgh 'Buffer Zone' Case After Parties Fail To Reach Agreement
A U.S. District Court judge will rule on five antiabortion-rights activists' request for an injunction blocking enforcement of a Pittsburgh "buffer zone" ordinance after the city and the activists failed to reach a compromise, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

N.C. Abortion-Rights Advocates Urge Officials To Put Aside Politics While Setting Clinic Rules
At a hearing Friday, abortion-rights supporters urged North Carolina health officials to consider scientific evidence while crafting new abortion clinic regulations, rather than basing them on political motives, the AP/ABC 11 News reports.

Mo. Lawmakers Might Not Prioritize Abortion Restrictions
While Missouri lawmakers have already pre-filed several antiabortion-rights bills for the upcoming legislative session, the GOP-led Legislature might not prioritize abortion issues next year, the AP/St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

D.C. Mayor Requests Legal Review of Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Bill
Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray (D) has asked the district's Office of the Attorney General to review a reproductive health non-discrimination measure (B20-0790) before he takes any further action on it, the Washington Times reports.

Mo. Lawmaker Says Abortion Consent Bill Would Not Apply in 'Legitimate Rape' Cases
A Missouri state lawmaker recently said his bill (HB 131) requiring a woman seeking an abortion to get permission from the man involved in the pregnancy would not apply in cases of "legitimate rape," a phrase that drew widespread criticism when used by former Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) two years ago, National Journal reports.

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D.C. City Council Passes Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Bill
The D.C. City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved a measure (B20-0790) aimed at preventing employers from interfering with workers' access to abortion, contraception and other reproductive health services and coverage, Politico Pro reports.

Columnists: Supreme Court's Ruling Should Be Signal To Antiabortion-Rights Lawmakers
Two Arizona Republic columnists recently weighed in on the Supreme Court's decision not to consider a federal appeals court's ruling that blocked provisions in an Arizona law (HB 2036) that restricted medication abortion.

Ark. Legislators Plan More Abortion Restrictions in 2015
Several Arkansas legislators plan to propose additional abortion restrictions when lawmakers begin their 2015 session next month, the Arkansas News Bureau reports.

Tenn. Senate Leader Prioritizes Three Abortion Restrictions
Tennessee Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey (R) expects several antiabortion-rights measures to be introduced this legislative session, but he only plans to prioritize certain ones, the AP/Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

20-Week Abortion Ban, Other Bills on Wis. Anti-Choice Groups' Legislative Agendas
With conservatives retaining control of Wisconsin's Legislature, antiabortion-rights groups intend to push proposals that failed last year, as well as introduce new measures, the AP/HTR News reports.

Supreme Court Declines To Review Ariz. Medication Abortion Restrictions, Leaving Law Blocked for Now
The Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider a federal appeals court's decision that blocked an Arizona law restricting medication abortion, meaning that the law will remain unenforced for now, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Mich. Senate Advances Abortion Coercion Bills
The Michigan Senate on Thursday voted to approve two bills (SB 1156, SB 1157) that would impose criminal penalties on individuals who attempt to coerce a woman into having an abortion, MLive reports.

Several Antiabortion-Rights Measures Pre-Filed in Mo.
Missouri lawmakers have pre-filed seven pieces of legislation aimed at restricting access to abortion, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Ohio 'Heartbeat' Bill Fails in House
The Ohio House on Wednesday rejected a bill (HB 248) that would ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detectable, marking the latest setback for legislation that has divided the state's abortion-rights opponents, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Abortion-Rights Groups Voice Concern Over Vague Language in Mich. Bills
Abortion-rights supporters have expressed concern over ambiguous language in two Michigan bills (SB 1156, SB 1157) that would impose criminal penalties on individuals who attempt to coerce a woman into having an abortion, MLive reports.

S.C. Legislators Pre-File Seven Antiabortion-Rights Bills
South Carolina lawmakers last week pre-filed seven antiabortion-rights measures after several such bills were stalled in the state Legislature last year, the Huffington Post reports.

Two Abortion Clinics Drop Lawsuit Against La. Admitting Privileges Law
Two Louisiana clinics challenging an admitting privileges law (HB 388) on Friday requested that a judge dismiss their suit, while other clinics challenging the law continue to pursue their case, the AP/Miami Herald reports.

Ark. Medical Board Approves Ultrasound Requirements
The Arkansas State Medical Board on Thursday voted 7-6 to approve portions of a partially overturned state law (Act 301) that will require physicians to perform ultrasounds on women before an abortion, AP/THV11 reports.

Planned Parenthood Drops Federal Challenge to Kan. Antiabortion-Rights Law
Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri on Friday announced it dropped a federal lawsuit challenging a Kansas law (HR 2253) that requires abortion providers to include a link to state information about fetal development and abortion on their websites, the AP/U-T San Diego reports.

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Va. State Board Votes To Begin Overhaul of Abortion Clinic Restrictions
The Virginia Board of Health on Thursday voted 13-2 to begin a process to revise several onerous abortion clinic regulations, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Federal Judge Delays Final Ruling in Pittsburgh 'Buffer Zone' Lawsuit
A U.S. District Court judge earlier this week gave attorneys until Dec. 19 to reach an agreement on a lawsuit challenging a Pittsburgh ordinance that created a 15-foot "buffer zone" around abortion clinics, the AP/WTAE News reports.

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Featured Video: Pregnant Women's Personhood Denied
HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd and a panel discuss how so-called "personhood" and other antiabortion-rights measures are criminalizing pregnancy and putting women's constitutional rights at risk.

Federal Judge Rules Ind. Requirements for Medication Abortion Clinics Unconstitutional
A federal judge on Wednesday ruled unconstitutional two Indiana provisions that would have required clinics offering only medication abortions to adhere to the same building and equipment standards as those that perform the surgical procedure, Bloomberg reports.

Kan. Board To Reconsider Revoked Medical License of Former Tiller Colleague
Kansas' medical board has scheduled a hearing for Dec. 11 to consider whether to reinstate the medical license of physician Ann Kristin Neuhaus, who has been accused by abortion-rights opponents of violating a state law, the AP/Washington Times reports.

Catholic Couple Drops Lawsuit Over Concerns About Marketplace Abortion Coverage
A Connecticut couple last month agreed to drop a lawsuit against the state's health insurance marketplace after the exchange began including plans that do not include abortion coverage during the 2015 open enrollment period, the Connecticut Mirror reports.

Lawsuit From Miss. Antiabortion-Rights Group Alleges Police Harassment of Protesters
The antiabortion-rights group Pro-Life Mississippi has filed an appeal with the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a lower court judge denied the group's request for protection from alleged police harassment, the Jackson Clarion-Ledger reports.

LAT Op-Ed: 'Personhood' Measures Get Attention, But TRAP Laws Are Greater Threat
While the rejection of "personhood" measures in Colorado (Amendment 67) and North Dakota (Measure 1) last month was "hailed as a victory for defenders of the right to legal abortion ... such measures serve as a distraction from a far bigger threat to abortion rights from onerous rules known as Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, or 'TRAP laws,'" writes Caitlin Borgmann, professor at CUNY School of Law and editor of the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, in a Los Angeles Times opinion piece.

N.C. Releases Proposed Abortion Clinic Regulations Under 2013 State Law
North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services on Monday released a draft rule that proposes regulations for abortion clinics under a state law enacted last year (SB 353), WRAL's "@NCCapitol" reports.

Successful Colo. Family Planning Program Faces Uncertain Future
Colorado Democrats are fighting to continue funding for a program credited with lowering the state's teen birth rate amid some Republicans' resistance to continuing the program, the AP/Denver Post reports.

Parental Notification Bill Planned in Nev.
Antiabortion-rights activists in Nevada will pursue a parental involvement bill during the 2015 state legislative session, although it is unclear if such a measure would pass or be signed into law by the governor, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

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State-Level GOP Victories Mean More Antiabortion-Rights Legislation To Come
Expanded Republican control of state legislatures and governorships after the midterm election is expected to lead to more antiabortion-rights measures, with some GOP state lawmakers already preparing legislation, Politico reports.

Attempt at County-Level Admitting Privileges Law Rejected in Ind.
An Indiana county council committee on Tuesday abandoned a proposed ordinance that would have required the county's only abortion provider to obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, WNDU News reports.

Abortion-Rights Opponents Push Bill To Close Sole North Ala. Clinic
A group of abortion-rights opponents in Huntsville, Ala., aims to close North Alabama's only abortion clinic through legislative efforts after a judge dismissed the group's lawsuit against the clinic, the Huntsville Times reports.

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Ohio Grants Sole Cincinnati Clinic Exemption Under Antiabortion-Rights Law
The last abortion clinic in the Cincinnati area on Thursday announced that it had been granted an exemption from an Ohio law that could have resulted in its closure and was dropping its lawsuit challenging the measure, the AP/SF Gate reports.

Pa. Gov.-Elect Must Act To Improve 'Deplorable' Status of Women's Health in State, Op-Ed Urges
Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's (D) pledge to expand Medicaid coverage to 500,000 state residents "is a good place to begin improving the health and economic security of Pennsylvanians," but he also should back the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women's Health, Kate Michelman and Carol Tracy, both of WomenVote PA, write in an opinion piece in the Scranton Times-Tribune.

First Antiabortion-Rights Bill Introduced Since Passage of Tenn. Amendment
Tennessee Rep. Rick Womick (R) on Thursday pre-filed the first bill aimed at increasing abortion restrictions in the state since voters approved an antiabortion-rights amendment (Amendment 1) earlier this month, the Tennessean reports.

Mo. Senator Files Abortion Clinic Inspection Bill That Languished Last Year
Missouri Sen. Wayne Wallingford (R) has filed legislation that would require the state Department of Health and Senior Services to annually inspect certain abortion clinics, the AP/Columbia Missourian reports.

Ga. City Bans Abortion Clinics, Most Abortions
The Rossville, Ga., City Council last week unanimously passed an ordinance banning abortion clinics within city limits and prohibiting most abortions, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports.

New Hearing Sought Over Court Ruling That Ended Medication Abortion in N.D.
The only abortion clinic in North Dakota on Wednesday petitioned the state Supreme Court to rehear a case and "resolve any lingering ambiguity" over a ruling that upheld a state law (HB 1297) restricting medication abortion, the AP/Miami Herald reports.

Ariz. Threatens Inspection of NARAL Official's House After Anonymous False Complaint
Working off an anonymous online tip, Arizona health officials incorrectly told an abortion-rights advocate that her house could be inspected as a health care facility under a state antiabortion-rights law (HB 2284), the Arizona Republic reports.

Lawsuit Filed Against Tenn. Constitutional Amendment, Alleges Invalid Vote
Opponents of an antiabortion-rights amendment (Amendment 1) to the Tennessee constitution filed a federal lawsuit on Friday alleging that the state incorrectly tabulated votes on the ballot measure, the AP/Tennessean reports.

Last Abortion Clinic in Cincinnati Area Sues To Fight State Regulations
Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region on Monday filed a lawsuit challenging state requirements that could lead to the closure of the last abortion clinic in the Cincinnati region, the AP/Miami Herald reports.

Poll: Women's Health Issues Important to Midterm Voters
A majority of voters in a four-state survey support abortion rights and said that women's health issues factored into their voting decisions in the midterm election, according to a poll released Tuesday by NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood, Politico Pro reports.

NYT Op-Ed: Arrests Show Increasing Threats to 'Personhood of Pregnant Women'
Antiabortion-rights laws "pose a risk to all pregnant women, including those who want to be pregnant," and "are increasingly being used as the basis for arresting women who have no intention of ending a pregnancy and for preventing women from making their own decisions about how they will give birth," National Advocates for Pregnant Women Executive Director Lynn Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin, president of NAPW's board of directors, write in a New York Times opinion piece.

Voters 'Strongly Favor' Access to Abortion, Contraceptives, USA Today Op-Ed Argues
Although abortion-rights opponents "now have the majority in the U.S. House, the Senate and expanded power in state legislatures across the country," voters in last week's midterm elections showed "once again ... that when it comes to personal decisions about pregnancy, health, and family, they strongly favor ... access to legal and affordable birth control and abortion," Kimberly Inez McGuire, director of public affairs at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, writes in a USA Today opinion piece.

Judge Discredits Testimony From Expert Witnesses Who Backed Ala. Antiabortion-Rights Law
A U.S. District Court judge in an order filed Oct. 20 strongly criticized the validity of statements from two expert witnesses who testified in support of an Alabama antiabortion-rights law, the Montgomery Advertiser reports.

N.D. Lawmakers Back Away from Antiabortion-Rights Agenda Post-Election
Conservative leaders of the North Dakota Legislature said they likely would not take up any antiabortion-rights legislation during next year's legislative session, saying voters sent them a message in Tuesday's elections by rejecting a ballot measure (Measure 1) that was intended to outlaw abortion, the AP/ABC News reports.

Featured Blog: 'Tennessee's Extreme Anti-Choice Amendment Puts Abortion Further out of Reach in the South'
While "[v]oters in North Dakota and Colorado overwhelmingly rejected personhood measures that would have stripped women of their constitutional rights by giving legal protections to fertilized eggs," Tennessee voters approved a measure (Amendment 1) that "will potentially have equally devastating consequences for women," Katie McDonough writes in Salon.

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Abortion-Rights Supporters Brace for State, Federal Battles After Midterm Election
Abortion-rights supporters expect opponents to make a renewed push for abortion restrictions in Congress and state legislatures after Tuesday's conservative victories in the midterm election, the New York Times reports.

Rejection of 'Personhood' Measures Among Several 'Notably Liberal Decisions' by Midterm Voters, NYT Editorial Notes
While Democrats "did not fare well" in most gubernatorial and congressional races on Tuesday, "voters made notably liberal decisions in both red and blue states" on ballot measures that asked specific policy questions about "contentious issues" like abortion rights, the minimum wage, gun control and more, a New York Times editorial states.

Tenn. Voters Approve Amendment Declaring No 'Right to Abortion' in State Constitution
Voters in Tennessee on Tuesday approved a ballot initiative (Amendment 1) that amends the state constitution to specify that there is no right to abortion, the Tennessean reports.

Supreme Court Leaves Colo. 'Bubble Zone' Law Intact
The Supreme Court on Monday let stand a lower court ruling that upheld a Colorado law prohibiting individuals from blocking others from entering abortion facilities, the AP/Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

Supreme Court Leaves NYC Crisis Pregnancy Center Rule Intact
The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal challenging part of a New York City law (Int. 371) that requires antiabortion-rights crisis pregnancy centers to disclose more information about who provides their services, Reuters reports.

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Vague Language of N.D. 'Personhood' Amendment Could Muddle Intent for Voters
Even though supporters of the antiabortion-rights "personhood" movement have never succeeded in passing a ballot measure or enacting legislation in any state, ambiguous wording in a North Dakota ballot initiative (Measure 1) could boost their chances on Tuesday by confusing voters, Politico Pro reports.

Millions Spent on Tenn. Ballot Initiative That Could Restrict Abortion Rights
More than $5 million has been raised by supporters and opponents of a Tennessee ballot initiative (Amendment 1) that will ask state voters on Tuesday whether to amend the state constitution's wording on abortion rights, the Tennessean reports.

Concern Over Ariz. Antiabortion-Rights Law Prompts School District To Remove 'Abortion' Section From Textbook
A school district in Arizona voted last week to modify a textbook used in honors biology classes because of concern that the book presents abortion in a way that violates a state law, the Arizona Republic reports.

Clinic Fights Ind. Law Mandating Surgical Standards When Only Medication Abortions Are Offered
A federal judge on Thursday heard oral arguments in a lawsuit against an Indiana law (SB 371) that would require clinics that offer only medication abortions to adhere to the same building and equipment standards as those that perform the surgical procedure, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Okla. Judge Who Upheld Admitting Privileges Law Known as Vocal Abortion-Rights Opponent
An Oklahoma County District judge who last week upheld a state law (SB 1848) requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges wrote more than a dozen antiabortion-rights measures while he was a state legislator, the Oklahoman reports.

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Appeals Court Mulls N.C. Law Requiring Abortion Providers To Describe Ultrasound Images
A federal appeals court panel on Wednesday considered the constitutionality of a 2011 North Carolina law (HB 854) that requires doctors to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions and describe the images to them, even if they avert their eyes or cover their ears, the Charlotte Observer reports.

N.D. Supreme Court Upholds Law That Blocks Medication Abortions Statewide
The North Dakota Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that a state law restricting medication abortions is constitutional, the AP/ABC News reports.

Survey: Most Texas Latino Voters Support Women's Right To Make Abortion Decisions
Seventy-eight percent of Texas Latino voters believe that women have a right to make their own decisions about abortion, without interference from politicians, according to a new survey, the McAllen Monitor reports.

Ohio Targets Last Cincinnati Abortion Clinic for Closure
The Ohio Department of Health last week told Cincinnati's last abortion clinic that it could lose its license if it does not comply with an Ohio law that requires clinics to obtain a transfer agreement with a local hospital, the AP/Modern Healthcare reports.

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"California's Innovative Experiment To Tackle Abortion Stigma," (Culp-Ressler, "ThinkProgress," Center for American Progress, 10/27).

Judge Allows Okla. Admitting Privileges Law To Take Effect This Week; Appeal Expected
Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves ruled Friday that a state law (SB 1848) requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals can take effect on Nov. 1, the AP/ABC News reports.

Antiabortion-Rights Ballot Measure at 'Center Stage' in Tenn. Election
A ballot initiative (Amendment 1) that would declare that there is no guaranteed right to abortion "has taken center stage" in this year's election in Tennessee, the New York Times reports.

Murder Conviction Upheld for Man Who Killed Abortion Provider Tiller in 2009
The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday upheld the murder conviction of the man who shot abortion provider George Tiller to death in 2009, but the court ordered a resentencing by a lower court because of a technical issue, Reuters reports.

Experts Say N.D. Personhood Measure Could Have Drastic Effects on Health Care Services
A "personhood" amendment (Measure 1) on the North Dakota ballot next month could have a widespread impact on health care services in the state, Modern Healthcare reports.

Calif. Law Helps Expand Abortion Access, Destigmatize Procedure
Contrary to many state legislatures across the country, California is moving to expand abortion access, not restrict it, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Judge Refuses To Block Okla. Medication Abortion Restrictions
An Oklahoma County District Court judge on Wednesday refused to block a state law (HB 2684) that restricts medication abortion from taking effect Nov. 1, but he did grant a temporary injunction against the measure's enforcement mechanism for physicians, the Oklahoman reports.

NYT's Collins: Midterm Election Candidates Cast Issues in 'New, Woman-Centric Way'
"No group is more courted" than women in the upcoming midterm election, with candidates in both parties "re-interpreting their old arguments in a new, woman-centric way," New York Times columnist Gail Collins writes.

Abortion, Contraception Key Issues in Close Iowa Race for U.S. Senate
Abortion rights have become a central issue in the final weeks of Iowa's close race to fill retiring Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin's seat, the AP/Huffington Post reports.

Judge Hears Oral Arguments Over Okla. Admitting Privileges Law
An Oklahoma County District Judge on Friday heard oral arguments in a lawsuit against a state law (SB 1848) requiring all abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, the Oklahoman reports.

Supporters, Opponents of Abortion Rights Disagree Over Potential Effects of Colorado 'Personhood' Amendment
Opponents of a proposed "personhood" amendment (Amendment 67) in Colorado say the ballot measure could further restrict abortion rights, contrary to the claims of many supporters of the measure, Colorado Public Radio reports.

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Featured Blog: 'Pregnant Texans are Being Charged With Crimes That Don't Exist'
Despite Texas' "fetal homicide" law clearly stating that a "pregnant person cannot be charged with injury to [her] own fetus," prosecutors in West Texas have not stopped "charging women with reckless child endangerment for ingesting controlled substances while pregnant," Andrea Grimes writes at RH Reality Check.

Featured Blog: 'Polling Confirms That Voters See Abortion Access as an Economic Issue for Women'
A majority of voters see abortion "as a mainstream policy that's inextricably linked to women's financial stability," according to a poll released by the National Institute for Reproductive Health, Tara Culp-Ressler writes for "ThinkProgress."

Several Texas Clinics To Resume Services After Supreme Court Order, Others Still Face Challenges
Several Texas abortion facilities have resumed offering abortion services after a Supreme Court order stayed parts of a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), but other clinics might face delays or stay closed amid uncertainty over the law, the AP/U-T San Diego reports.

L.A. Times Profiles Abortion Provider at S.D.'s Only Clinic
In a Los Angeles Times profile, physician Carol Ball -- medical director for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota -- discusses the difficulties she faces in providing abortion care at South Dakota's lone abortion clinic amid increasing restrictions on the procedure in the state and across the U.S.

Supreme Court Halts Parts of Texas Antiabortion-Rights Law, Allowing Clinics To Resume Services
The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a stay on parts of a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), allowing more than a dozen abortion facilities in the state to reopen while court challenges continue, the Washington Post reports.

States Restrict Telemedicine Abortion Services, Despite Safety, Other Benefits
While medication abortion can be administered safely and cost effectively via telemedicine, the method is "widely unavailable" in most of the U.S., according to The Atlantic.

States Continue To Limit Abortion Access, Despite Public Support for Abortion Rights
Although a majority of U.S. residents still support abortion rights, states across the country over the past four years have succeeded in enacting legislation that could drastically diminish abortion access for millions of women if allowed to stand, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Texas Clinics Receiving More Calls, Patients Facing Longer Wait Times After HB 2 Ruling
Texas' remaining abortion clinics are reporting an influx of phone calls from patients and longer wait times for appointments in the wake of a federal appeals court's decision to lift a hold against a state antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), the AP/U-T San Diego reports.

Full Federal Appeals Court Declines To Review Ruling on Texas' HB 2
The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday in a 12-3 decision declined to review a three-judge panel's decision to uphold two provisions of a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), the AP/New York Times reports.

N.J. Medical Board Revokes Doctor's License Over Unlawful Abortion Procedures
The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners has revoked the medical license of Steven Brigham, who was accused of avoiding state rules by starting abortions later in pregnancy for some women in New Jersey and then finishing the procedure in Maryland, reports.

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"More Bad News About Abortion in Texas" (Hallett, Ms. Magazine blog, 10/9).

Featured Blog: 'Advocates Urge Justice Department To Renounce the Criminalization of Pregnancy'
After a Tennessee woman's prison sentence was enhanced by six years for committing drug-related crimes while pregnant, a group of "48 reproductive justice, drug policy reform, women's rights, and civil liberties organizations sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder (D) calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to renounce enhanced criminal penalties" for pregnant offenders, Jessica Mason Pieklo writes at RH Reality Check.

Last Texas Clinic West of San Antonio Stops Abortions After HB 2 Confusion; More Private Physician Offices Might Offer Abortions
The only abortion clinic in Texas currently open to the west of San Antonio has stopped performing abortions amid confusion following a federal appeals court ruling that allows the state to enforce a provision of an antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), the AP/Sacramento Bee reports.

Washington Post, USA Today: TRAP Laws' 'Real Goal' Is To Limit Abortion Access
Editorials from the Washington Post and USA Today argue that while abortion restrictions are often pushed by abortion-rights opponents as ways to protect women's health, the laws actually make women less safe.

Trial Date Set for La. Admitting Privileges Case; State Still Blocked From Enforcing Measure
The trial date for a federal judge to consider a lawsuit filed by Louisiana abortion clinics against the state's admitting privileges law (HB 388) has been set for March 30, the AP/Sacramento Bee reports.

Abortion Clinics in Maine Seeing More Canadian Women
Abortion clinics in Maine have been serving more women from Canada after a reproductive health facility in Fredericton, New Brunswick, closed in July, CBC News reports.

Texas Clinics Petition Supreme Court To Reinstate Injunction After HB 2 Ruling
Texas abortion clinics on Monday filed an emergency application asking the Supreme Court to reinstate an injunction against a provision of a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) that has left many women in the state hundreds of miles away from the nearest abortion provider, Politico reports.

Mo. 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Likely To Take Effect Without Legal Challenges
Missouri's lone abortion clinic is not expected to challenge a new state law (HR 1307) that requires a 72-hour mandatory delay before women seeking abortions can obtain the procedure, the AP/Sacramento Bee reports.

UCSF To Offer Online Class Addressing Abortion Access and Care
The University of California-San Francisco, for the first time ever among U.S. universities, is offering an online class focused on abortion care and access, the Daily Beast reports.

Texas Clinics Juggle Appointments After HB 2 Ruling; Supreme Court Review Expected
Texas abortion clinics that were forced to close down or suspend services after a federal appeals court panel lifted a hold against a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) have been trying to contact women with previously scheduled appointments to cancel or reschedule, the Washington Post reports.

Okla. Abortion Provider Files Suit Over Admitting Privileges Law
An Oklahoma physician on Thursday filed suit against a state law (SB 1848) requiring all abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, the Oklahoman reports.

Federal Appeals Court Lifts Hold on Texas Antiabortion-Rights Law, Forcing Clinics To End Services
A federal appeals court panel on Thursday lifted a hold against a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), resulting in the closure of more than a dozen of the state's remaining abortion clinics and leaving many women in the state hundreds of miles away from the nearest abortion provider, the New York Times reports.

Lawsuit Challenges Changes to Ala. Parental Involvement Requirements
The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday filed a lawsuit challenging an Alabama law (HB 494) that modifies parental involvement requirements for minors seeking abortions, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Catholic Group Files Complaint Over Calif. Abortion Coverage Rules
The California Catholic Conference on Tuesday filed a federal civil rights complaint over a requirement that the state's insurers must provide abortion coverage, the AP/Wall Street Journal reports.

Report: States' Abortion Restrictions Tied to Worse Health Outcomes for Women, Children
States that have enacted more abortion restrictions tend to fare worse on women and children's health outcomes and have fewer policies in place that support their health and well-being, according to a report released Wednesday by Ibis Reproductive Health and the Center for Reproductive Rights, the Huffington Post reports.

Va. Health Commissioner Recommends Overhaul of Abortion Clinic Restrictions
Virginia Health Commissioner Marissa Levine on Wednesday suggested that the state overhaul the abortion clinic regulations passed under former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), the Washington Post's "Virginia Politics" reports.

Lawsuit Challenges Okla. Medication Abortion Restrictions
Oklahoma women's health care providers on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging a state law (SB 1848) that would require physicians to administer medication abortion drugs according to FDA protocol and ban the method after 49 days of pregnancy, which goes against common medical practice, the Oklahoman reports.

Columns: Conservative Writer's Desire To Punish Women for Abortions Not Rare Among Abortion-Rights Opponents
Two writers who support reproductive rights recently responded to comments by National Review's Kevin Williamson, who said that women who have abortions -- and those who help them do so -- should be put to death.

Tenn. Antiabortion-Rights Initiative Could Affect Access in Surrounding States
A Tennessee ballot initiative (Amendment 1) that would declare there is no guaranteed right to abortion in the state could also affect abortion access regionally, the Tennessean reports.

Abortion Clinics Expect More Obstacles for Patients From Mo. 72-Hour Mandatory Delay
Officials at the only abortion clinic in Missouri and those from neighboring states anticipate increased barriers for women seeking abortions after enactment of a new state law (HR 1307) requiring a 72-hour mandatory delay before the procedure, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Austin City Council Approves Resolution Supporting Repeal of Texas' HB 2
The Austin, Texas, City Council on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution supporting a full repeal of a state antiabortion-rights law (HB2), the Austin Chronicle reports.

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"Buffalo Clinic First in the Nation To Offer Both Abortion and Birthing Services" (Bader, RH Reality Check, 9/25).

Mich. Lawmakers Propose Bill To Require Insurers To Offer Abortion Riders
Michigan Democratic lawmakers this week are introducing a bill that would require all insurers in the state to offer riders for women who want abortion coverage, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Judge Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Pregnant Woman for Allegedly Endangering Fetus
A Montana judge on Monday dismissed charges of felony child endangerment filed against a woman for allegedly ingesting drugs while 12 weeks pregnant, USA Today reports.

Pa. Mother Sentenced to Prison After Obtaining Abortion Drugs Online for Daughter Tells Her Story
In the New York Times Magazine, Emily Bazelon provides the first public interview with Jennifer Whalen, a Pennsylvania woman who was sentenced to prison after purchasing medication abortion drugs online that her daughter used to terminate her pregnancy.

'Proactive,' National Grassroots Strategy Needed To End Abortion Coverage Bans, URGE Director Argues
After nearly 40 years of fighting the Hyde Amendment and related abortion coverage restrictions "one by one, state by state," many reproductive-justice supporters are "ready to be proactive" to ensure every woman in the U.S. "can have coverage for a full range of pregnancy care, including abortion," Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity Executive Director Kierra Johnson writes in an opinion piece in the American Prospect.

Ohio's 'Bureaucratic Red Tape' Harming Women's Abortion Access, NARAL Ohio Leader Writes
Ohio is the only state in the country "that requires abortion clinics to have transfer agreements and also bans public hospitals from entering into those agreements," Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, writes in an opinion piece for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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"Colorado Anti-Choice Group Could Push Through 'Personhood' Amendment in November," (Salzman, RH Reality Check, 9/19).

Advocates Respond To NYT Coverage of Women's Abortion Stories, Mo. 72-Hour Delay Law
Advocates on both sides of the abortion-rights debate responded with letters to the editor of the New York Times about its recent coverage of women's abortion stories and a new Missouri law that mandates a 72-hour delay before an abortion.

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"Iowa's Telemedicine Abortions Can Continue -- for Now," (Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check, 9/17).

Tenn. Voters To Weigh Constitutional Amendment on Abortion Rights
Tennessee residents in November will vote on a ballot initiative (Amendment 1) that would amend the state constitution to include the statement, "Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion."

N.D. Voters To Consider 'Personhood' Amendment
Voters in North Dakota will consider a personhood amendment (SCR 4009) that would change the state's constitution to protect "the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development," Mother Jones reports.

Colo. Voters To Weigh 'Personhood' Amendment for Third Time
Voters in Colorado will consider a "personhood" amendment (Amendment 67) that would change the state's constitution to protect "pregnant women and unborn children by defining 'person' and 'child' in the Colorado criminal code and the Colorado Wrongful Death Act to include unborn human beings," Mother Jones reports.

'Undue Burden' Standard for Abortion Rights Threatened, New Yorker's Toobin Argues
The words "undue burden" should be considered "the most important triumph" of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's tenure, but judges' comments in a key Texas case suggest that this longstanding standard for abortion-rights cases is threatened, Jeffrey Toobin writes in the New Yorker.

Court Allows Iowa Telemedicine Abortion Service To Continue During Appeals Case
The Iowa Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a stay that allows Planned Parenthood of the Heartland to continue administering medication abortion via a telemedicine system while a court case over the service proceeds, the Des Moines Register reports.

Mandatory Delays Treat Women as 'Incapable of Making Decisions' About Abortion, Op-Ed Argues
When the Missouri Legislature overrode Gov. Jay Nixon's (D) veto of a bill (HR 1307) that mandates a 72-hour delay before a woman can obtain an abortion, it was "a particularly good illustration of how needless abortion regulations treat women as second-class citizens who are incapable of making decisions for themselves," Scott Lemieux, a political science professor at the College of Saint Rose, writes in an opinion piece in The Week.

Tenn. Ballot Measure Could Lead To Harsher Abortion Restrictions
Tennessee voters in November will decide on a ballot measure (Amendment 1) stating that there is no right to abortion in the state constitution, which observers say could lead to harsher abortion restrictions, Mother Jones reports.

Advocates Link State Abortion Restrictions, Case Involving Pa. Mother Sentenced to Prison
Women's rights advocates and some Pennsylvania lawmakers say a case involving a woman who was sentenced to prison after purchasing medication abortion drugs online should be considered within the context of state laws that restrict women's reproductive rights, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Attorneys Spar in Court Over Texas Clinic Closures; Op-Ed Cites Impact on 'Real People'
A federal appeals court panel on Friday heard arguments over whether Texas should be allowed to enforce a provision that likely would leave the state with no abortion facilities outside of four major metropolitan regions, the New York Times reports.

Proposed Abortion Clinic Restrictions at Issue in Pa. Governor's Race
Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf said that if elected, he would not support a bill (HB 1762) that would increase restrictions on abortion clinics and could force some of them to close, Mother Jones reports.

San Francisco Resolution Opposes Sex-Selective Abortion Bans Over Potential for Racial Profiling
San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu (D) on Tuesday introduced a resolution that opposes sex-selective abortion bans, which he said are based on racial stereotypes and promote stigmatization of Asian-American women, the Huffington Post reports.

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"Doctors Aren't Dummies: Support the Patient Trust Act," (Michelman, Huffington Post blogs, 9/10).

Mo. Legislature Overrides Veto, Enacts 72-Hour Mandatory Delay
The Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature on Wednesday overrode Gov. Jay Nixon's (D) veto of a bill (HR 1307) that will increase the state's mandatory delay before an abortion to 72 hours, the AP/Washington Post reports.

'Stealth War on Abortion Clinics' Continues in Ohio, Op-Ed States
"Ohio's anti-abortion activists and legislators have engaged in a stealth war on abortion clinics," in which "they are picking off clinics one by one, with almost no interference from the local courts," Robin Marty writes in an opinion piece in The Guardian.

ACLU of Ohio Urges Court Response in Lawsuit Challenging State Abortion Restrictions
The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio in a court filing Monday requested a hearing and summary judgment in a lawsuit concerning abortion-related measures in the state's two-year budget, the AP/Toledo Blade reports.

Reproductive Health Coverage, Parental Leave Have Strong Support in W.Va. Poll
A majority of West Virginia voters support comprehensive Medicaid coverage of reproductive health services, as well as paid parental leave, according to a poll commissioned by the women's health advocacy group WV Free, the Charleston Gazette reports.

Seattle Resolution Rejects Hyde Amendment, Supports Reproductive Health Access, Op-Ed States
Seattle this week became "the first jurisdiction in the Northwest -- and the sixth nationally -- to declare its support for overturning the Hyde Amendment and restoring access to reproductive health care for every woman," write Seattle City Council Member Bruce Harrell, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Executive Director Rachel Berkson and Legal Voice Executive Director Lisa Stone in an opinion piece for the Seattle Stranger's "Slog."

Mo. Legislature Poised for Veto Override Vote on 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill
The Republican-controlled Missouri Legislature is planning a vote this week with the aim of overriding Gov. Jay Nixon's (D) veto of legislation (HR 1307) that would increase the state's mandatory delay before an abortion to 72 hours, USA Today reports.

Wis. Appeals Judge's Medication Abortion Ruling
Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (R) on Wednesday appealed a judge's ruling that a 2012 state law restricting medication abortion does not require a physician to be present when a woman ingests the drugs, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/St. Paul Pioneer Press reports.

Pa. Woman Sentenced to Prison After Obtaining Abortion Drugs Online for Daughter
A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to up to 18 months in prison for purchasing medication abortion drugs online and giving them to her teenage daughter, who used them to terminate her pregnancy, Reuters reports.

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"Single Mother Will Spend at Least One Year in Prison for Getting Her Daughter Abortion Pills," (Dusenbery, Feministing, 9/8); "Wendy Davis' Choice: Why Speaking Out About Abortion Must Remain a Woman's Decision," (Kutner, Salon, 9/8).

Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Davis Discusses Personal Abortion Experience in Memoir
In a forthcoming memoir, Texas gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) discloses obtaining an abortion 17 years ago during a wanted pregnancy after learning that the fetus had an acute brain abnormality, the San Antonio Express-News reports. She also discusses details surrounding the termination of another pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy that she disclosed previously.

Veto of 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill Should Stand, Mo. Gov. Urges
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) on Thursday urged state lawmakers not to override his vetoes of several bills -- including one that would increase the state's mandatory delay before an abortion to 72 hours -- when they return for a special session next week, the Missourian reports.

True Intention of Many State Laws is To Block Abortion Rights, L.A. Times Editorial Says
While "[m]any of the regulations on abortion now cropping up in states across the country are being passed off as attempts to protect women's health ... what they are really intended to do is to continue the long-running war on women's reproductive rights that unfortunately did not end with Roe vs. Wade 40 years ago," a Los Angeles Times editorial states.

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"Abortion Rights Aren't Safe in the South," (Culp-Ressler, "ThinkProgress," Center for American Progress, 9/2); "Montana Charges Woman With 'Criminal Endangerment' at Just 12 Weeks Pregnant," (Marty, Care2, 9/2).

Ariz. Petitions Supreme Court To Undo Stay on Medication Abortion Restrictions
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (R) has filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to review a lower court's decision that blocked the state's medication abortion restrictions while a lawsuit continues, the AP/AZCentral reports.

La. Admitting Privileges Law Back in Court This Month
A federal judge on Tuesday set the timeline for the next steps in a request to block Louisiana's admitting privileges law (HB 388) while an underlying challenge to the law continues, the AP/San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Wash. Hospital Revises Policies on Catholic Directives After Pressure From ACLU
Providence Health and Services, a Catholic-affiliated health care system, has agreed to change provisions of its partnership with Washington State University to remove restrictions on certain health care services that go against Catholic doctrine at a new clinic, Modern Healthcare reports.

Federal Judge Finds Texas Abortion Clinic Restrictions Unconstitutional
A federal judge on Friday barred enforcement of a provision in a Texas antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) that would have closed more than a dozen of the state's remaining abortion clinics, the New York Times reports.

Judge Stalls Enforcement of La. Admitting Privileges Law for Some Abortion Providers
A federal judge on Sunday temporarily blocked Louisiana from enforcing an admitting privileges law (HB 388) while some doctors are attempting to comply with it and a court challenge continues, the AP/New York Times reports.

Calif. Tells Insurers To Cover Abortion 'Neutrally'
California law requires health plans to "treat maternity services and legal abortion neutrally," the state Department of Managed Health Care said in a recent letter to seven insurers, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

State 'Feticide' Laws Come 'Dangerously Close to Criminalizing Pregnancy,' Columnist Writes
"Anyone who doubts that laws restricting abortion rights actually restrict the freedom of women to fundamentally control their bodies and health should look at Indiana," Daily Beast columnist Sally Kohn writes.

Planned Parenthood Asks Iowa Supreme Court To Stay Telemedicine Abortion Ban
Planned Parenthood of the Heartland on Thursday asked the Iowa Supreme Court to stay a lower court's ruling that said the state Board of Medicine has the authority to ban the administration of medication abortion via telemedicine, the Des Moines Register reports.

Ohio Clinic Stops Offering Abortions Amid State Restrictions
An abortion clinic near Cincinnati, Ohio, will stop offering surgical abortions, instead of continuing a dispute with the state over a requirement that it calls politically motivated, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Washington Post's 'Storyline' Examines Colo. Policies for Pregnant Teens
The Washington Post's "Storyline" examines how Colorado's family planning policies have improved teens' access to long-acting reversible contraceptives and helped to lower its teen birth rates.

NYT Editorial: 'Deception' Behind State Abortion Restrictions Revealed in Texas Cases
Texas' defense of an antiabortion-rights law (HB 2) underscores "[t]he deception behind the wave of state-level abortion restrictions now threatening women's access to safe and legal abortions," according to a New York Times editorial.

Ind. Urges Federal Court To Let Medication Abortion Restrictions Take Effect
The Indiana attorney general's office on Monday requested summary judgment in a federal court case challenging a state law (SB 371) that would impose additional building requirements on health clinics offering medication abortion, the AP/Lafayette Journal & Courier reports.

Judge Allows Ban on Iowa Telemedicine Abortion Program
An Iowa judge on Tuesday ruled that the state Board of Medicine has the authority to ban the administration of medication abortion drugs via a telemedicine system, Bloomberg reports.

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"Abortion Opponents Caught on Tape Explaining How To Violate Patient Privacy" (Marty, Care2, 8/18).

Antiabortion-Rights Protests Increase After Portland, Maine, Ends 'Buffer Zone'
Antiabortion-rights protests have increased "in number and activity" outside a Portland, Maine, Planned Parenthood clinic since the City Council repealed a "buffer zone" ordinance, the Bangor Daily News reports.

Judge: Ohio Officials Have Authority To Close Abortion Clinic
An Ohio judge on Friday said that he does not have jurisdiction to stop the state Department of Health from closing an abortion clinic that did not secure a transfer agreement with a nearby hospital, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Telemedicine Becomes Partisan Issue When Abortion is Involved
Although many Republican lawmakers generally support telemedicine, they have backed state and federal efforts to restrict its use in abortion care, Politico Pro reports.

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