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Op-Ed: 'Latest Wave' of Antiabortion-Rights Laws 'Based on Bad Medicine'
"The latest wave of state legislation to restrict abortion access is based on bad medicine and would prevent doctors from providing medical care based on their judgment of what's best for each patient," Vanessa Cullins, vice president for external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, writes in an opinion piece for The Hill's "Congress Blog."

Ill. Bill Would Require Catholic Hospitals To Inform Patients About Alternative Options
Illinois lawmakers are considering legislation (SB 1564) that would require hospitals to inform patients that they can go to another facility to receive certain medical services, such as contraceptives, that violate a hospital's religious beliefs, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Nevada Parental Involvement Measure Unlikely To Advance in State Senate
A bill (AB 405) approved last week by the Nevada Assembly that would require parental notification 48 hours before a minor's abortion is not expected to advance in the state Senate, AP/KLAS reports.

Ore. Creates Workgroup To Discuss Birth Control Access Measure
An Oregon House committee on Friday rejected an amendment that would allow women to obtain hormonal contraception from a pharmacist without a prescription and assigned the proposal to a workgroup, the Mid-Valley Statesman Journal reports.

Featured Blogs
"All the 2015 Anti-Abortion Legislation That's Been Passed So Far (Get A Grip, Arkansas!)" (Holter, Bustle, 4/17); "In Some States, Access to Abortion Care Is Expanding" (Hallett, Ms. Magazine blog, 4/20).

Fla. Senate Committee Approves 24-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill
The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted 6-3 to approve a bill (SB 724) that would implement a 24-hour mandatory delay period before a woman can have an abortion, the Tallahassee Democrat reports.