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Obama administration declares public health emergency in Puerto Rico over Zika
The Obama administration on Friday declared a public health emergency in Puerto Rico in response to the Zika virus, the New York Times reports.

Reproductive-rights report card fails many states at risk of Zika; CDC sends support staff to aid Fla. backlog on Zika testing
The states where Zika is most likely to spread also have some of the lowest ratings for reproductive health care, according to a new report by the Population Institute, Vox reports.

Texas officials report first U.S. travel-related Zika case
Texas officials on Monday reported the state's first Zika case linked to travel within the continental United States after a resident contracted the virus in Florida, NBC News reports.

Senate blocks Zika bill targeting Planned Parenthood; Fla. officials report new Zika cases
The Senate on Tuesday did not advance a bill (HR 2577) that includes Zika response funding after liberal lawmakers opposed provisions in the bill that would deny Planned Parenthood funds meant to increase access to contraceptives, the New York Times reports.

Calif. lawmakers pass bill lifting sales tax on feminine hygiene products
The California Assembly on Tuesday unanimously approved a measure (AB 1561) that would exempt feminine hygiene products from a state sales tax, Reuters reports.

Ky. Supreme Court denies appeal in clinic licensure dispute
The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday denied an appeal that sought to reverse a lower court ruling that blocks a Lexington-based physician's office from providing abortion care pending the outcome of a lawsuit regarding the facility's licensure, the AP/Lexington Herald-Leader reports.