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August 19, 2014


 "Abortion Opponents Caught on Tape Explaining How To Violate Patient Privacy," Robin Marty, Care2: "According to the Austin Chronicle's Mary Tuma, anti-abortion action groups in [Texas] have been having training sessions to ensure that patients going to the few remaining clinics in the state don't find the process easy," Marty writes, citing a training session recorded by Progress Texas that encouraged abortion-rights opponents to "make the most intimidating clinic atmosphere they can" and track the license plates of patients and staff members. Marty notes that "anti-abortion activists claim that the license plate tracking is innocuous, since it is simply to note which patients do return after the mandatory 24 hour waiting period, and isn't used to learn their identity or violate their privacy." However, the protesters "admi[t] that they are tracking providers with the information, as well, and that in those cases they are most definitely seeking out the person's identity so that they can determine who they are and if they have the now mandatory hospital privileges," she adds (Marty, Care2, 8/18).

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