New abortion clinic opens in Okla. for first time in 40 years

September 19, 2016 — The Trust Women South Wind Women's Center opened in Oklahoma City last week, marking the first abortion clinic opening in the state since 1974, AP/ABC News reports.

South Wind Women's Center offers a range of services, including abortion care, adoption, emergency contraception, family planning and OB-GYN care. Six physicians currently work for the facility.

Trust Women's first clinic opened in Wichita, Kansas, in 2013, several years after the murder of George Tiller, an abortion provider and former colleague of Julie Burkhart, Trust Women founder and CEO.

According to AP/ABC News, until Trust Women opened the newest clinic, Oklahoma City had been the largest metropolitan area in the country without an abortion provider. There are only two other abortion providers in the state: one located in Norman and another in Tulsa.

Burkhart said, "If you look at this part of the country, there is a lack of access to reproductive health care, and frankly a lack of access to health care across the board." She added, "It's hard for women who want to give birth to find OB-GYNs to help them deliver their babies."

According to AP/ABC News, at least five Oklahoma antiabortion-rights laws are facing legal challenges. The laws include a mandatory delay before abortion (HB 1409), a ban on a medically proven method of abortion care (HB 1721) and admitting privilege requirements (SB 1848) (Murphy, AP/ABC New, 9/16).