Calif. lawmakers pass bill lifting sales tax on feminine hygiene products

August 26, 2016 — The California Assembly on Tuesday unanimously approved a measure (AB 1561) that would exempt femininE hygiene products from a state sales tax, Reuters reports.

The bill now proceeds to Gov. Jerry Brown (D). According to Reuters, lawmakers in 15 states have proposed measures to end sales tax for feminine hygiene products. Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania have repealed their taxes on the products.

Bill details

The California bill would include menstrual products such as tampons and sanitary napkins in a list of necessities -- including food and prescription drugs -- that are not subject to the state's sale tax.

Assembly member Cristina Garcia (D) praised the bill's passage, saying, "Fundamentally, this is about gender equity and leveling the field ... Every month, for 40 years of our lives, we are taxed for being born women" (Bernstein, Reuters, 8/24).