January 19, 2016


"Crisis Pregnancy Centers Lie About Contraception, Too" David Grimes, Huffington Post blogs: In addition to "[lying] about abortion to dissuade women from exercising their Constitutional rights to reproductive health care," crisis pregnancy centers also misinform women on "contraception and its relationship to sexually transmitted infections," according to a new study, Grimes writes. Grimes cites several studies showing that CPCs dispense false information about abortion to patients in person and online. For example, a pair of complementary studies found that more than 50% of 32 surveyed CPCs "provided false claims about abortion" and that 80% of 254 CPC-sponsored websites "provided one or more false or misleading medical claims" about abortion. Further, Grimes writes that a "just-published study" found that the CPC-sponsored websites also "target adolescents with inaccurate information about male condoms." According to Grimes, 85 of the 254 websites had information about condoms or STIs, but "[m]ost discouraged use of condoms, claiming that they frequently break or are ineffective in preventing infections." The study found that only 2% of the CPCs "correctly cited the contraceptive effectiveness of condoms," only 9% "advocated correct and consistent [condom] use" and "[o]nly 9% correctly cited the protection against [STIs] afforded by condom use," Grimes writes, noting that such "lies about condom effectiveness for contraception and disease prevention" can lead to unintended pregnancies. Grimes highlights the "[u]nethical practices" that take place at CPCs, arguing that CPCs go against the "[t]hree principles of bioethics" by "[w]ithholding critical information or providing false information," by providing "[d]isinformation about the safety and efficacy of abortion" and by "disproportionately prey[ing] on those with limited education and resources." Grimes concludes, "If an organization must lie to promote its agenda, then something is fundamentally wrong with that agenda" (Grimes, Huffington Post blogs, 1/15).