June 12, 2015


"Women Are Being Arrested and Jailed for Self-Abortion," Michelle Goldberg, The Nation: Goldberg discusses a growing pattern in which pregnant women are being arrested and criminally charged for trying to perform their own abortions, a trend that she notes will "only ... get worse ... as more and more clinics close and more anti-abortion laws are passed." For example, she writes that Kenlissa Jones, a "23-year-old Georgia woman," was charged with murder earlier this week after she allegedly consumed a drug purchased online to end her pregnancy. Goldberg notes that although the charge was later dropped -- Jones "is still being charged with possession of a dangerous drug" -- the case is similar to others, such as Purvi Patel and a case in Arkansas in which a woman was attempting her own abortion using drugs obtained from a nurse. "With abortion access being severely and inexorably eroded all over the country, it has become clear that black-market abortion drugs are the modern version of the old back-alley procedures," she writes. However, she notes that, unlike the situation prior to Roe v. Wade, "police and prosecutors who'd emerged from the anti-abortion movement" are "eager to treat" abortion as murder (Goldberg, The Nation, 6/10).