January 12, 2016


"The Power of Making Abortion Personal," Emma Green, The Atlantic: As the Supreme Court prepares to hear a case challenging Texas' omnibus antiabortion-rights law (HB 2), Green discusses a "remarkable" amicus brief "representing '113 women in the legal profession who have exercised their constitutional right to an abortion.'" According to Green, the brief "represents the perspectives of people who are trained in the law, but who are also personally familiar with what it means to get an abortion," and "rejects the idea that women should feel shame about having an abortion." She adds that the brief "shortens the sense of distance between those who will decide the legal merits of the case and those whose lives will be affected -- this brief isn't well-educated experts advocating on behalf of women in need, it's well-educated women advocating on behalf of themselves." In addition, "the document also highlights the complexity of abortion as an ethical and legal issue," Green writes, explaining that while "[c]ourt cases necessarily consider questions of justice in the abstract ... deciding whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is one of the most intimate choices a woman can make" (Green, The Atlantic, 1/8).

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