January 5, 2015


"2015 Was a Terrible Year for Abortion Rights. 2016 Does Not Have To Be 2015," Erin Matson/Pamela Merritt, Salon: Matson and Merritt, founders of the reproductive rights advocacy group Reproaction, write about the "discouraging" state of reproductive rights in 2015, pointing to the slate of new antiabortion-rights restrictions in the states, federal lawmakers' effort to defund Planned Parenthood and the Colorado clinic shooting. Looking ahead to 2016, Matson and Merritt note how an unfavorable ruling in Whole Woman's Health v. Colecould spur "an acceleration in the state-by-state dissolution of abortion access -- a basic constitutional right," as well as how the outcome of the presidential elections could affect the makeup of the Supreme Court. Matson and Merritt write that while "[t]he first reaction to the opposition and violence of 2015 and the possibilities for 2016 can be fear," a second and "more productive" reaction "is action." Noting that advocates "cannot accept violence against women," abortion stigma or a political environment that spurs women to try to self-induce abortion, Matson and Merritt write, "2016 needs to be the year we spring forward." They write that Reproaction in the new year aims to "put an end to the defeatist language and strategies of our own movement" and "force decision-makers to listen and understand that it is not a minority of vocal activists, but millions of Americans who reject their calculated, systematic dissolution of one of our most essential human rights: supremacy over our bodies" (Matson/Merritt, Salon, 1/3).

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