Wash. Planned Parenthood To Reopen Five Months After Arson

January 21, 2016 — Planned Parenthood on Wednesday announced that its clinic in Pullman, Wash., would reopen on Feb. 1 in the same location, the AP/Sacramento Bee reports (AP/Sacramento Bee, 1/20).


The clinic was the site of an arson attack in September 2015 that caused serious damage. The arson followed an antiabortion-rights protest outside the clinic, which was spurred by a series of misleading videos targeting Planned Parenthood.

Investigators collected surveillance footage of a flammable object being thrown into a clinic window. Police spokesperson Chris Tennant did not describe the object depicted on the surveillance video, but he noted, "This was definitely human caused and they used some type of accelerant."

The local police and fire department are investigating the case along with a federal terrorism task force.

The Pullman Planned Parenthood staff dispensed birth control and scheduled appointments in the clinic's parking lot in the days following the attack, and had been looking for a temporary site (Women's Health Policy Report, 9/14/15).

Tennant said no arrests have been made in the investigation.

Renovation Details

According to the AP/Bee, the clinic required substantial renovations before reopening. The renovations included new walls, ceilings, carpeting and fixtures, as well as an updated security system that includes cameras and exterior lighting.

A community event celebrating the clinic's reopening is scheduled for Feb. 5. The clinic offers care to roughly 3,000 area residents (AP/Sacramento Bee, 1/20).