Neb. Lawmaker Introduces Two Antiabortion-Rights Measures

January 8, 2016 — Nebraska state Sen. Tommy Garrett (R) has proposed two antiabortion-rights bills for the new legislative session, the Lincoln Journal Star reports (Pluhacek, Lincoln Journal Star, 1/6).

Details on Bills

One measure (LB 767) would prohibit a certain type of procedure that is commonly used to provide abortion care in the second trimester of pregnancy. According to the Kearney Hub, the measure would not prohibit abortion care during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, but it would restrict what methods physicians can use. The state prohibits abortion after 20 weeks' gestation (Duggan,Kearney Hub, 1/6).

According to AP/1011 Now, LB 767 includes exceptions only if the procedure could save the woman's life or prevent her from suffering "extreme physical harm" (AP/1011 Now, 1/6).

The second bill (LB 768) would allocate money raised from antiabortion-rights license plates designed by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles to the new state-operated Choose Life Pregnancy and Adoption Fund. The fund would distribute grants to organizations that provide services to pregnant women considering adoption. Abortion providers and associated organizations would not be eligible for the funding.

Planned Parenthood Responds

Angie Remington, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, lambasted the bill banning a certain type of abortion procedure. "The legislation that these lawmakers are proposing is not about safety," she said, adding, "It is based on model legislation from a group opposed to safe, legal abortion and is part of a broader effort to restrict or end access to abortion in Nebraska altogether" (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/6).

According to AP/1011 Now, Kansas and Oklahoma have proposed similar measures, both of which are currently blocked in pending litigation (AP/1011 Now, 1/6).