July 7, 2015


"How Do You Make a Safe Abortion Any Safer?" Dan Grossman, RH Reality Check: "Rather than making abortion safer," the omnibus antiabortion-rights law in Texas (HB 2) "may actually compromise the health of Texas women," Grossman writes. Grossman explains that "[a]bortion as currently practiced in the United States is very safe," with Texas' abortion statistics showing that in 2013 "less than 0.03 percent of procedures reportedly had a serious complication." Further, he cites research showing that, contrary "to the stated objective of HB 2," there is "no evidence that abortion care was intrinsically safer when performed at an [ambulatory surgical center] as compared to a non-[ambulatory surgical center] clinic." In addition, he notes that the closure of clinics under the law "is leading to an increase in second-trimester abortion[s]," which are "still very safe," but "are associated with a higher rate of complications compared to those done in the first trimester." The closures also could increase the rate of women trying "to self-induce their abortion" (Grossman, RH Reality Check, 6/30).

What others are saying about abortion restrictions:

~ "A Slew of Anti-Choice Laws Take Effect Today," Teddy Wilson, RH Reality Check.