May 1, 2015

Michigan Continues Trend of Investigating Miscarriages as Murder,"Robin Marty, Care2: "Despite claims that abortion opponents [have] no interest in investigating miscarriages, once again it appears that is exactly what is happening ... in Michigan as authorities appear to be looking for grounds to set ... another precedent for criminalizing bad pregnancy outcomes," Marty writes. She explains that the state is holding a woman named Kimberly Pappas "for murder because she went into premature labor at work" and allegedly "cut the umbilical cord, put the fetus in a plastic bag, and then placed it inside her desk." Specifically, according to Marty, Pappas is being charged "with felony murder, premeditated murder and first-degree child abuse" because prosecutors are "saying [the fetus] had been born alive." Marty writes, "What is most disturbing however is that Michigan shows ... [it is] eager to prosecute a delivery as a murder if the child fails to survive," noting that the state "waited nearly a month for an autopsy report to 'prove' the baby took a breath in order to press charges, and the mental health of Pappas since then held no weight to [the state]" (Marty, Care2, 4/28).

What others are saying about criminalizing pregnancy:

~ "Purvi Patel To Appeal Conviction: 'Feticide Is an Extreme, Extreme Proposition," Jenny Kutner, Salon.