L.A. Times Op-Ed: Kansas, Okla. Laws Do Not 'Even Bother To Pretend To Protect Women's Health'

April 20, 2015 — New antiabortion-rights laws in Kansas (SB 95) and Oklahoma (HB 1721) that "ban the safest, most widely used method of abortion in the second trimester," do not "even bother to pretend to protect women's health" and go "straight for the drama," a Los Angeles Times editorial states.

The editorial notes that the "nearly identical laws" ban a "procedure known as 'dilation and evacuation,'" allowing exceptions when the woman's life is in danger. "The bills were designed to make the procedure sound as gruesome as possible in nonmedical, emotion-laden terms," the editorial states.

However, according to the editorial, the procedure is used "in about 95% of second trimester abortions because it is the most effective method at that stage of pregnancy." The alternative procedure, called a medical abortion, "takes longer, is less certain to work and sometimes requires a second procedure," according to the editorial.

The editorial states, "No matter how abortion opponents describe the ... procedure, their efforts represent nothing more than another attack on access to legal and safe abortions" (Los Angeles Times, 4/19).