NYT's Collins: Midterm Election Candidates Cast Issues in 'New, Woman-Centric Way'

October 23, 2014 — "No group is more courted" than women in the upcoming midterm election, with candidates in both parties "re-interpreting their old arguments in a new, woman-centric way," New York Times columnist Gail Collins writes.

For example, Collins writes that Rep. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), a candidate for Senate, talks about opponent Terri Land's (R) "opposition to Obamacare as a plan to 'cut women's access to ... mammograms," while Land "has developed a tendency to deflect questions by mentioning that she's a parent."

Collins also notes that "some [Colorado] commentators have given Democrat [Sen.] Mark Udall the nickname 'Mark Uterus' because Udall has run so hard on women's reproductive rights." In particular, Udall has "devoted a prodigious amount of ad-time to the fact that his opponent, Representative Cory Gardner, is a longtime supporter of the personhood movement," Collins writes, noting that voters find the movement "so unnerving that a personhood amendment to the Constitution was soundly defeated in Mississippi" and twice in Colorado, where it is on the ballot again this year.

Collins touches on other federal and state campaigns, noting, "It's great" that "[w]omen are big this election season" because "[t]he issues are important" (Collins, New York Times, 10/22).