Burns v. Cline

State court challenge to an Oklahoma law that requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a hospital within thirty miles of where the procedure is performed. In October 2014, the state court denied Plaintiff’s request to temporarily enjoin the law. The plaintiff immediately filed an emergency appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The Oklahoma Supreme Court granted the emergency motion and temporarily enjoined the law during the pendency of the litigation. Current Status: In February 2016, the District Court of Oklahoma County granted Defendant’s motion for summary judgment, ruling that the admitting privileges requirement is valid under the Oklahoma constitution. Plaintiffs plan to appeal the ruling to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and the temporary injunction remains in place. (See the law here. See the complaint here. See the emergency appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court here. See the Oklahoma Supreme Court order granting the temporary injunction here. See the district court ruling here. Read more about the case here.)